Pune: Young Man Detained for Shooting at Girlfriend’s Sister Over Breakup

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Ganj Peth, 19th May 2024: A shocking incident occurred in Ganj Peth on Sunday early morning when a man shot at his girlfriend’s sister after she cut off contact.


Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. The Khadak Police have detained the 27-year-old man involved in the case. The incident happened around 2 AM on Sunday.


According to the police, the 18-year-old complainant filed a report at the Khadak police station. She is a college student. Her elder sister, who is divorced, was in a relationship with the accused, Rishi Bagul. The family was aware of this relationship, which had recently deteriorated following an argument. After the argument, the sister broke off contact with Bagul, which infuriated him.


Around 2 am today, Bagul, accompanied by a friend, arrived at Ganj Peth to meet his girlfriend. They knocked on the door and called out for her, but she was not at home. The complainant and her cousin sister informed Bagul of her absence, which led to a heated exchange. The accused made the complainant contact her sister on her mobile phone but was unable to reach her as the phone bill was unpaid. She sent a message, and the sister refused to speak with Bagul.


In a fit of rage, Bagul brandished a pistol and fired a shot towards the complainant. The complainant and her cousin sister fled the scene, and the latter suffered minor injuries from the sparks generated by the gunfire. Both women managed to find safety inside their house. Rishi continued to create a commotion outside, shouting and causing a disturbance.


The complainant immediately alerted the police. Bagul was promptly taken into custody by the Khadak police. Assistant Police Inspector Rakesh Jadhav is leading the investigation into the incident. A case has been registered against Bagul and his accomplice.