Pune: Young Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Wagholi Police Station

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Wagholi, 13th February 2024: The Wagholi area of Pune was shaken by the self-immolation of a young man, sending shockwaves through the community and local authorities. The incident unfolded in front of Wagholi Police Station, where the young man set himself on fire, enveloping himself and the surroundings in flames.


The individual at the centre of this incident has been identified as 28-year-old Rohidas Ashok Jadhav, a resident of Wagholi. It is reported that Jadhav, feeling disillusioned by what he perceived as inaction from authorities, resorted to extreme measures to draw attention to his grievances.


Sources suggest that Jadhav had been embroiled in a dispute within his residential society, culminating in a physical altercation. Despite his ordeal, Jadhav allegedly faced obstacles in lodging a formal complaint with the police, exacerbating his frustration.


In a desperate act, Jadhav set himself on fire, resulting in a severe 90 % burning of his body. He is currently undergoing urgent medical treatment at a private hospital in Wagholi.