Pune: Youth Saves Girl In Sadashiv Peth, People Ask Her Caste

Pune: Youth Saves Girl In Sadashiv Peth, People Ask Her Caste
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Sumit Singh

Pune, 28th June 2023: The attack on a young girl in Sadashiv Peth, Pune, has captured the attention of the entire state of Maharashtra. Had it not been for the timely intervention of a student named Leshpal Javalge, the outcome could have been much worse. However, Leshpal’s recent Instagram post has sparked a different conversation altogether.



Once again, this incident in Sadashiv Peth highlights how we tend to associate everything with caste. In the past, netizens even went to the extent of inquiring about the caste of athletes representing our country in events like the Olympics. In this particular case, a young man attacked a young woman with a knife, but Leshpal’s courageous intervention saved her life.


Leshpal has garnered appreciation on social media platforms, with some political parties also recognizing his bravery. Many individuals have commended his courage in the face of danger. However, Leshpal’s recent post on social media has given rise to a new discussion. In his Instagram story, he sheds light on our prevailing mindset and challenges the way we think, emphasizing the importance of being open-minded.


In his post, Leshpal directly addresses ‘intellectuals’ who have messaged him, asking about the caste of the girl and attacker, urging them to delete such messages. He expresses that one’s caste or community affiliation should not define them or determine their worth. By sharing his own experiences, Leshpal questions the connection between saving a life and caste, inviting further reflection on this matter.


The incident that took place in broad daylight yesterday in Sadashiv Peth, Pune, has now become a topic of nationwide discussion. However, what stands out the most is Leshpal’s heroic act and his attempt to shed light on the prevailing societal mentality and people’s perceptions. His reaction to such incidents occurring in crowded places emphasizes the seriousness of the issue.


Leshpal’s bravery has been widely praised, and he has received congratulations from all quarters. Nevertheless, he has also been deeply affected by the messages he has received from some individuals. In response to the continuous influx of such messages, he decided to share his story on social media, revealing that he was asked about the caste of the boy and girl involved in the incident.