Punekar News Impact: Mud Sludge Removal Work Begins In Bavdhan Area

bavdhan mud
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Mehab Qureshi

Bavdhan, October 12, 2020: Overnight downpour has caused a mud sludge near Naturals Ice cream parlour located in Bavdhan. Due to incorrect design of the roads, the water gets choked up in front of the shops, and all the stones and mud from the hills come gushing down, resulting in the formation of slop.

Despite repeated complaints to Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC), the work wasn’t done. “PMC has carried out poor civil engineering works. For the last two years, this problem has existed, but no constructive remedy has been taken. I have repeatedly requested the authorities to clear surroundings with some suggestions, but it is left to them whether to keep the city clean or leave the surroundings unhealthy. I don’t think so we are destined to live in such unhealthy surroundings. We are regularly paying our property tax in time, but the returns we get is unimaginable”, said Krishnan Janaki, a resident of Bavdhan.

“Every year during rains, roads get damaged. But this year the repairs have not happened very promptly. Big stretches of road are completely dirty or damaged. Even in Bavdhan village, narrow roads are facing bad damage with debris strewn all over. Hope someone takes action soon”, urged Ravikant Kisana, resident of Bavdhan.

mud bavdhan

Another resident, facing the same issue, said, “This is the condition after the rains yesterday. Also, a lot of waterlogging is there in other areas in Bavdhan also”.

Punekarnews.in raised this issue to PMC Corporator Dilip Vedepatil. “I have only been in this area as a corporator for three years. This issue is very old. Every year after rains mud clogged here, and caused discomfort to residents. We will rebuild the road so that this issue isn’t faced, again”, he said.

To ensure that this work is done as soon as possible, Punekarnews.in contacted Assistant Municipal Commissioner Sandip Shankarrao Kadam of Kothrud-Bavdhan ward. He assured that the work would be done today itself. “I have sent a team who are already doing the work based on your concern”, Kadam told Punekarnews.in.

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