Punekars, Planning a Bhimashankar Visit? Check Tourism Ban Areas!

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Bhimashankar, 2nd July 2024: Following the recent incident at Bhushi Dam near Lonavala, the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary has intensified its vigilance measures. Many visitors, after paying homage at the Bhimashankar Shiva Mandir, embark on wildlife tours and visit waterfalls, particularly during the monsoon when crowds swell. However, due to internal slippery roads posing risks, the sanctuary administration has imposed a ban on tourist entry to specific locations from 1st July to 30th September.

Tourists venturing into these restricted areas, including Kondhawal Waterfall, Chondi Falls, and others, will face legal consequences under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary administration has emphasized the need for adherence to these regulations to ensure visitor safety during this period.

The banned areas for tourists include:
– Kondhawal Waterfall
– Chondi Falls
– Khopiwali village area
– Padarwadi Nahani Waterfall
– Nariwali Subhedar Waterfall
– Ghongal Ghat Nala Khandas to Bhimashankar Road
– Padarwadi Ladder Ghat to Kathewadi