Pune’s Air Quality Crisis: Supriya Sule Compares Breathing to Smoking 3-4 Cigarettes a Day

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Pune, 22nd October 2023: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP, Supriya Sule, has sounded the alarm on the concerning air quality in Pune, likening it to smoking several cigarettes a day. In a stark message to the government and local authorities, she emphasized the immediate need for action to protect citizens, particularly children and the elderly, from the adverse effects of air pollution.


Supriya Sule, who recently arrived in Pune from Mumbai, expressed deep concern over the air quality, highlighting the health risks it poses to the community. She took to social media, using the hashtags #AirPollution and #PublicHealth, to raise awareness and call for urgent measures to combat this escalating issue.


With air pollution levels on the rise, citizens and experts alike are looking to the authorities for solutions to mitigate the health hazards associated with poor air quality. This call to action by Supriya Sule serves as a reminder of the immediate attention required to safeguard public health in Pune.