Pune’s Crime Cleanup: Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Leads Operation to Weed Out 1,000 Criminals

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 3rd May 2024: Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar led an initiative on Thursday to scrutinize the operations of 1,000 criminals across the city. Criminals on police record were summoned to 109 police chowky for parade. The Police Commissioner emphasized the importance of strengthening police stations as a top priority.

Upon assuming the role of Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar directed the investigation into the operations of organized gangs. Over the past five years, scrutiny has intensified against individuals involved in cases of murder, attempted murder, and other serious offences. Those who have obtained bail in such cases are also under investigation. Additionally, the Police Commissioner summoned leaders and associates of criminal gangs in the city to the crime branch for questioning. Gang leaders were cautioned by crime branch officials. Subsequently, under the directive of the Police Commissioner, goons within various police station jurisdictions were checked.

In areas where the historysheeters are residing, they were summoned to the respective police stations and subjected to interrogation. Their personal details and information about relatives were collected during the process. Police personnel gathered information about gang operators.

The recent surge in incidents involving vandalism, threats, and shootings prompted the initiation of investigations at the police station level. On Thursday (May 2), over 1,000 criminals in the city underwent scrutiny as part of this effort, guided by Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, Additional Police Commissioner (Crime) Shailesh Balakawade, and DCP (Crime) Amol Zende.

Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stressed the pivotal role of police stations in upholding law and order. Hence, a comprehensive search was conducted for 1,000 criminals on police record within the jurisdiction of 109 police chowky across the city. Resolving citizen complaints effectively at police stations remains a priority. Consequently, efforts to strengthen police stations have been prioritized, affirmed Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar.