Pune’s Hoteliers on Their Toes as Customers Slip 2000 Rupee Notes for Bill Settlement

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 21st May 2023: In the realm of financial transactions, a peculiar dance of currency has commenced. As the ephemeral notes of 2000 rupees face their inevitable replacement, a remarkable phenomenon has unfolded. It appears that citizens, eager to part ways with their remaining 2000 rupee notes, are surreptitiously slipping them to the waiting staff in various establishments.

Ever since the Reserve Bank of India’s pronouncement, an intriguing pattern has emerged, unveiling the predilections of the common folk. Within the hallowed walls of the esteemed restaurants and hotels, where gastronomic delights unfold, customers who had once embraced the convenience of digital payments and plastic currency now reach into their pockets and, with a flick of the wrist, proffer a 2000 rupee note to settle their dues.

Ganesh Shetty, President of the Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association, attests to this newfound fascination. “From the midnight hours of Friday, the presence of these 2000 rupee notes has become a common occurrence in hotels across the city,” he reveals.

Nevertheless, Shetty confides that while hoteliers are obliging in accepting these notes, the quandary lies in the scarcity of change at the cash counter, thus making it challenging to tender the appropriate balance to the esteemed guests. Alas, in this financial dance, it is the hapless hoteliers who bear the brunt of this choreography.

As we traverse this intriguing juncture, it behoves the esteemed hoteliers of Pune to seek counsel from their learned Chartered Accountants (CA) before making any fateful decisions.

Balasaheb Amarale, President of the Marathi Hotel Association, astutely remarks, “It is an undeniable truth that customers are presenting the 2000 rupee notes when settling their bills. It seems citizens are steadfast in their quest to unburden themselves of these notes while addressing an array of financial obligations, including their dining experiences. As Saturday afternoon unfurled, the pattern persisted, and it remains to be seen how this orchestration of currency shall unfold in the days that lie ahead.”


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