Pune’s Law & Order Dilemma: Joint CP Role Still Unfilled After 62 Days

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 23rd January 2024: The Pune Police Commissionerate is currently grappling with the absence of a Joint Commissioner of Police (Joint CP) for over 62 days. The situation arose on 21st November 2023 when the Maharashtra state government transferred IPS Sandeep Karnik, the then Joint CP of Pune, to the position of Nashik City’s Police Commissioner.

Despite speculations about potential candidates to fill the crucial Joint CP role, the state government appears to be in no rush to appoint a replacement. The Joint CP holds a pivotal responsibility for maintaining ‘law & order’ in the city, making the prolonged vacancy a matter of concern.

In a recent development, Pune witnessed the murder of notorious gangster Sharad Mohol in January 2024, raising heightened concerns about the city’s law and order situation. However, it is noteworthy that the Crime Branch, led by Additional CP Ramnath Pokale and DCP Amol Zende, swiftly achieved the first breakthrough in the case within hours of the incident.

As the city navigates a pre-election atmosphere, anticipates the upcoming Maratha Morcha led by Jarange Patil and the current clashes at FTII, clearly creates an urgency to fill the vacant Joint CP position becomes even more apparent. Punekar News Team sought a comment from Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis, but as of the time of this report, no response has been received.

The prolonged absence of a Joint CP adds an extra layer of complexity to the challenges faced by law enforcement in Pune. As citizens express concerns over the delay in filling this crucial position, attention now turns to the state government’s response amid the evolving law and order dynamics in the city.