Pune FTII Campus Violence: Students Speak Out Against Brutal Attack and Inaction

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Pune, 23rd January 2024: In a shocking turn of events, a press release issued by the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Students Association President Mankap Nokwoham and General Secretary Sayantan Chakrabarti details a brutal assault on students within the campus premises.

Yesterday a banner with ‘Remember Babri Death of Constitution’ was by the FTII Students on the campus in the backdrop of Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Today, right wing Hindutva organization members barged into the campus and burnt the banner besides assaulting some students in the presence of security personnel.

According to the press release, a mob of 20-25 agitated individuals forcibly entered the campus around 1:30 pm today, leading to a conflict with security personnel. The miscreants, intent on entering the campus, began shouting ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and directed abuses at students. Mankap Nokwoham, the President of FTIISA, became a target as he walked towards the main gate. The mob, chanting loudly, violently attacked Mankap, tearing his T-shirt and leaving him with severe bruises.

Security guards, alleged to be complicit in their inaction, failed to stop the mob during the assault. Mankap managed to escape, seeking refuge in the Director’s office, but the mob proceeded to Wisdom Tree, vandalizing installations and burning down a banner put up by students. General Secretary Sayantan Chakrabarti questioned the security head about the ongoing assault and was subsequently attacked by the mob. Several students, including a female student, attempted to intervene and were also brutally beaten. Four students sustained serious injuries.

As the police arrived at Wisdom Tree, the mob dispersed, and security guards escorted them back to the main gate. Surprisingly, no immediate action was taken by the police, allowing the culprits to leave freely. The press release further alleges that this incident occurred after a previous gathering on 21st January, where a mob had assembled at the main gate, chanting ‘Jai Shree Ram.’ Security guards reportedly took no action and cleared the mob without addressing the situation.

The FTII Students Association strongly refutes media claims of a scuffle between two groups, emphasizing that innocent students were violently attacked while security and staff remained passive spectators. The press release condemns the incident as a blatant attack on students’ fundamental right to life and highlights a grave failure of law and order.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 1) Sandeep Singh Gill said, “8-10 persons had entered the campus. We are taking legal action in the case.”