Pune’s PMRDA Launches Land Acquisition Drive for Mhalunge-Maan Road Expansion Project

Pune's PMRDA Launches Land Acquisition Drive for Mhalunge-Maan Road Expansion Project
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Mahalunge, 4th September 2023: In a significant development for Pune’s infrastructure, the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has initiated a comprehensive land acquisition drive to pave the way for the expansion of the Mhalunge-Maan road network. This ambitious project has set its sights on constructing an impressive 25 kilometers of new roadways, spanning an extensive 49 hectares of land. The endeavor is expected to benefit approximately 5,800 stakeholders while allowing landowners to reclaim 50% of their developed land.



Mr. Ramdas Jagtap, the Deputy Collector of PMRDA, shared insights into this crucial initiative, stating, “We have officially kick-started the land acquisition process essential for the road infrastructure development and associated amenities. The project’s estimated cost hovers around ₹4.50 crore, and it encompasses the creation of roads with a substantial width of 24 meters in the meticulously planned Mhalunge-Maan town development scheme. Landowners have been duly notified about the acquisition process through formal notices.”


The next significant milestone on the project’s timeline is the anticipated approval by the state government. This approval will encompass alterations related to flood lines for 56 specific plots within the proposed development zone. Once the green light is given, construction of these vital roadways will swiftly commence. Jagtap assured that the project has not overlooked the issue of flood-prone areas and has earmarked alternative spaces for those affected plots.


Jagtap candidly acknowledged the hurdles faced by the project, including setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and legal challenges posed by some landowners. “Certain landowners had raised objections to the scheme and even approached the High Court,” he explained. “However, their case was ultimately dismissed. We are now primed to expedite the work, and PMRDA has set aside ₹100 crore to fund this comprehensive town planning scheme.”


Last month, the High Court delivered a verdict dismissing a request to cancel the Mhalunge-Maan Town planning scheme, effectively giving the project the green light it needed to proceed.


Modeled after Gujarat’s successful town planning scheme, the Mhalunge-Maan endeavor offers a unique opportunity for landowners. It allows them to reclaim 50% of the developed land in the same area where arbitration took place. Landowners with undisputed property titles have already received their plots, and those situated in flood-prone regions can expect to receive theirs soon. This expansive scheme, which spans 250 hectares, encompasses 319 plots in Mhalunge and an additional 32 in Maan. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide their suggestions and objections regarding the plots, with the deadline for submissions set for September 9.