Pune’s Preeti Ahuja crowned as Mrs Radiance in Diva Pageant Mrs Maharastra Empress of Maharastra 2019 

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Pune, January 2020Somewhere in the city of Lakes, Udaipur, a young girl had big dreams of becoming a model someday. Then life happened, she followed the traditional path of doing her graduation/Bsc and then moved to Pune to do her MBA. One thing led to another, one job to next one – bigger and better, but somewhere down inside, the longing to be a model was still there. While walking across corridors of the corporate world from L&T to Emerson to Alfa Laval, she kept going back to her childhood dream of being a model. Years passed, marriage happened and a child later, she came across a posting for Mrs Maharashtra competition/event and it was like destiny knocking back on her door. Only this time, Preeti decided to give it a shot!
Preeti Ahuja wowed all her beauty and crowned as Mrs Radiance in Diva Pageants Mrs Maharastra Empress of Maharastra 2019 organised by Mrs Anjana Mascarenhas, Karl Mascarenhas and team on 8 Dec 2019 at Hyatt Pune. All married ladies from all walks of life could take part in this competition to make their dreams come true and show to the world that marriage can’t and shouldn’t be the end to your dreams.
Preeti says on her journey – I got excellent support from my family, husband and her eight-year-old son who cheered for her as she went ahead chasing her dreams!
Mrs Radiance has no plans of stopping, in fact, it has motivated her to do even more – be it her plans to give back to society or pursuing her career aspirations. She is passionate about the causes of education and healthcare for all. Way to go Preeti!! don’t stop, after all, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step!