Pune’s Sassoon Hospital Aims for Renewal Under New Leadership

sassoon hopital
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Pune, 2nd December 2023: In a bid to bring about positive changes at Sassoon Hospital, Dr. Vinayak Kale, the newly appointed Dean of BJ Government Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital, has outlined key initiatives. Addressing long-standing concerns, Dr. Kale has emphasized addressing issues related to employees sitting in the same department for extended periods.

According to Dr. Kale, administrative measures will be taken to transfer employees who have cultivated vested interests or engaged in wrongdoing. This move aims to ensure a fair and efficient system without allowing any exploitation.

Patient care effectiveness and the enhancement of student quality are set to be the top priorities under his leadership.

The sorry state of the roads within Sassoon Hospital premises, marred by potholes, has been a longstanding concern tarnishing the hospital’s image. Dr. Kale revealed plans to address this issue by collaborating with the Public Works Department. A meeting scheduled for next week aims to finalize the road renovation plans and improve the overall infrastructure.


The ongoing renovation of Sassoon’s outpatient department, while causing inconvenience to patients, is also on the radar for swift completion. Dr. Kale expressed intentions to hold discussions with the Public Works Department next week to expedite this crucial project.