PVR’s Delectable Offerings Delight Cinema-Goers After GST Rate Cut

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Pune, 14th July 2023: PVR, the majestic titan of India’s vast multiplex realm, unfurled its latest culinary symphony on a delightful Wednesday, enchanting movie enthusiasts nationwide.

This enchanting extravaganza followed the harmonious decision by the esteemed GST Council, graced by the presence of the Union finance minister and esteemed representatives from all states and UTs, to gracefully lower the tax rates on the delectable food and beverages served within the hallowed halls of cinematic artistry.

This sacred realm of food and beverages (F&B), an indispensable source of prosperity for the cinema exhibition industry, particularly the illustrious multiplexes, shall now be adorned with new and captivating offerings. PVR, with its masterful stroke of genius, presents an opulent array of attractively priced gastronomic delights, enticing combos, and the irresistible allure of “bottomless popcorn and Pepsi”.

During the ethereal time span of Mondays to Thursdays, from the enchanting hour of 9 am to 6 pm, film aficionados shall revel in an assortment of culinary treasures. Hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, sandwiches, and an assortment of delightful beverages shall grace their palates, all accompanied by enthralling combos commencing at a mere Rs 99, offering an unparalleled fusion of affordability and ecstasy.

For those embarking upon a cinematic sojourn during the mystical embrace of the weekend, PVR bestows upon them the wondrous gift of “bottomless popcorn and Pepsi”. As they delve into the captivating realm of cinema, they shall be blessed with the divine privilege of unlimited tub refills, all while indulging in family meal combos that have been artfully crafted to reduce F&B expenditures by up to 40 per cent, a majestic symphony of financial harmony.

PVR, in its grand magnanimity, announced these celestial offerings through the ethereal medium of Twitter, accompanied by the resplendent hashtag #PVRHeardYou, a testament to its unwavering commitment to appease the desires of its loyal patrons. However, it is vital to note that certain terms and conditions shall apply, though the precise nature of these remains shrouded in mystery at the time of this captivating tale’s publication.

Amidst the mesmerizing allure of these F&B offerings, PVR INOX prepares for a bustling year of cinematic opulence. Beyond the captivating realms of Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning Part One, which graced the silver screens on this very day, a tantalizing lineup of forthcoming releases awaits the ardent cinephiles.

With gems such as Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Marvels, Killers of the Flower Moon, and The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes set to cast their spellbinding enchantment upon the silver screen, the year ahead brims with a symphony of cinematic delights that shall leave audiences spellbound.