Rahul Gandhi: Chinese President Xi Jinping Will Be Forced To Wear ‘Made In India’ Shirt

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Chennai, January 24, 2021: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi today accused the central government of working in the interest of big traders and said that due to these policies of the government, the condition of farmers and labourers of the country is getting worse. He said, “Every step of the Government of India is designed to strengthen only five to six big traders. On the other hand, these policies of the Government have served to undermine the real strength of India’s workers and peasants”.

The former Congress president said in a conversation with weaver communities in Erode, Tamil Nadu, “I assure you that if the labourers, farmers and weavers of India are strong, they will be given protection and opportunity, China will never even dare to look at India. Not only this, I go a step further and assure you that if the workers, peasants, and small and medium industries of India are strengthened, then the President of China will also wear a ‘Made in India’ shirt. “

He further went on to state, “I assure you that Chinese people will be seen driving Indian cars, Chinese people will travel in Indian planes, there will be carpets made by India in Chinese homes, but why is this not happening? Because our government is helping just the five to six big businessmen, destroying and ruining the real power of the country.”

A day earlier, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be redesigned when his party is formed at the Center. He also assured in dialogue with representatives of small and medium scale industries in Coimbatore that the principle of ‘one tax, minimum’ will be implemented in the Congress government. The Congress leader had said, “I think that if we want to get ahead in competition with China, Bangladesh or other countries in the future, it can only be through MSME.” According to him, for small and medium-sized countries the backbone of employment generation is in India. He further added, claiming that, the country is unable to provide jobs at the moment and the economy is devastated.