Formula One Steering Wheel In Woman’s Hands: 16-Year-Old Maya Weug From Ferrari Selected As The First Woman

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Italy, January 24, 2021: For the first time, Ferrari has included a woman in the Formula One team’s drivers ‘academy, with 16-year-old Dutch Go-Carter Maya Weug getting a chance to be part of Formula One’s drivers’ academy. She is the winner of the FIA’s Inaugural Girls on Track – Rising Stars program, organized by the Coordinating Committee of the Ferrari Driver Academy and the Motorsport Commission. Apart from the Italian team’s five-day scouting camp, a competition will be held for the Marinello headquarters and the Fiorano Test Track Scouting Camp.

Weug was born in Spain, her mother is Belgian and her father is Dutch. Upon hearing the news, she expressed her feelings, “I will never forget this day! I am so happy to be the first female driver to join the Ferrari Driver Academy. I am on the right track, fulfilling my dream, “said Weug.

Weug beat the three finalists in last week’s competition at Ferrari’s Marinello headquarters. Separate races will also be held at this year’s FIA’s Formula 4 Championships. “I thank everyone who believes in me, who considered me worthy to wear a Ferrari driver’s academy uniform. I’m looking forward to Marinello starting preparations for my first season of single-seater racing.” In 1976, Laila Lombardi of Italy was the last woman in the F1 race. So the inclusion of Weug is a historic moment.

“This is a historic and an important moment for our Formula 1 team, future racers, and the FDA,” said Matthias Binoto, head of the Ferrari team. Marco Matasa, manager of the academy, said: “One of the four women finalists recorded the highest number in the history of scouting camp.”