Railway Administration Proposes Third Track Between Hadapsar and Pune for Enhanced Efficiency

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Pune, 5th November 2023: The railway administration has presented a proposal to construct a third railway track between Hadapsar and Pune station, to enable future railway operations from Hadapsar station.


Currently, the Solapur or Miraj route is utilized for shunting, a process that involves rearranging rolling stock items to form trains or to move them to the pit line, a designated maintenance area for coaches located at Ghorpadi. These pathways become temporarily obstructed during shunting activities, resulting in delays for passenger trains arriving at Pune station from Daund or Miraj as they await the conclusion of shunting operations at the home signal.


To alleviate passenger inconvenience and enhance efficiency, the railway administration has proposed the construction of a third railway track between Hadapsar and Pune station. Additionally, there is a recommendation to establish a connection between this third track and the coaching depot at Ghorpadi. If this proposal is adopted, it would obviate the need to route trains through Miraj and Solapur to reach Ghorpadi and Pune stations. Moreover, the proposed third track could serve as a valuable resource for future railway operations originating from Hadapsar station.


Pune station experiences daily shunting activities involving trains and engines, with each shunting operation typically consuming about 15 minutes. This practice significantly affects the punctuality of passenger trains. While shunting operations are underway and platforms are occupied, roughly 50 trains are forced to wait at the home signal for 10 to 15 minutes each day, resulting in a less efficient use of passengers’ time.


To enhance passenger convenience and address these challenges, the Railway Operations Department has submitted a proposal to the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) to link the third track between Hadapsar and Pune station and establish a connection with the coaching depot. If this proposal is approved, passengers can anticipate a more streamlined and punctual railway experience.