Rajesh Kamath speaks at the NRAI Pune meet Shares tips on “Atithi Devo Bhavah” and the value of “Daan”

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Pune, 25th Sept 2022:  The National Restaurant Association of India’s Pune Chapter hosted an insightful session with Rajesh Kamath (Founder, Chanakya Consulting Insights & Co-Founder, Chiranjeev Gurukul).  The DotPe-powered event titled ‘How Indian Hospitality Can Lead the World Through Self Leadership’ took place at One Lounge, Koregaon Park with Kamath sharing a variety of stories from Indian history and lessons to be learned on leadership from them.

Kamath covered a wide range of topics like- Understanding Customer Devotion; Atithi Devo Bhavah: Who is an Atithi, Who is a Dev?; How a mongoose taught Pandavas the value of Daan, and many more service & hospitality related teachings with references and stories from ancient Indic texts like the Arthashastra and the Mahabharata. He spoke to the guests about how every leader in the hospitality sector has the opportunity to change the world and how the lessons from these Ancient Indic Texts can be incorporated into the F&B/Hospitality Industry today.

Speaking about the learning value of the evening, NRAI Pune Chapter Head- Praful Chandawarkar (Owner, Malaka Spice) said, “The Rajesh Kamath talk was important to be heard by the hospitality fraternity as it handled important aspects of Seva in Hospitality and the Four Stages of creation, consolidation, expansion, and succession based on the eternal wisdom of India. It was hugely appreciated by the NRAI participants even eliciting an unprecedented standing ovation by more than 200 Restaurant Owners present at the event.

NRAI is an organization with chapters across all major cities of the country, representing more than 5,00,000 Restaurants and helping them grow their brands and businesses together. Similarly, NRAI Pune Chapter is diligently working towards creating a unique community in the city by expanding membership and giving guests exceptionally singular learning & networking experiences.