Ranveer Singh lands In Legal Trouble Due To His Nude Photoshoot

ranveer singh
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Mumbai, 25th July 2022: Actor Ranveer Singh, has caused a stir online with his nude photos for a photoshoot. The actor is currently facing legal issues related to the same. According to India Today, the actor has received a complaint for ‘hurting women’s sentiments. The Mumbai Police have received the complaint.

In response to Ranveer’s photos, actress Mimi Chakraborty questioned what would have happened if a female actor had participated in the photo shoot instead of Ranveer.

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She tweeted, “Ranveer Singh’s most recent photo shoot caused an internet outage, and comments were. Just wondering if the appreciation would have been the same if she was a woman. Or would you have burned her house down, taken up morchas, given her a death threat and slut shamed her.”

She added, “We talk about Equality where is that now??!!!! You know right it’s your perspective that can change something or destroy it. In this case, let’s broaden our perspective because that body comes with a lot of sacrifices, trust me.”