Rashami Desai’s Ganesh Chaturthi was an amazing example of an Eco-friendly One

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Mumbai, 7th September 2022: Shedding the cement made idols for a much personal clay idol, Rashami Desai’s Ganpati looked like art , so beautiful. But what made it even more lovable was the zero harm that it did to the environment. “After two years of celebrating the festival at home or on a much smaller scale, the preparations for this Year’s Ganpati Festival are on the higher scaler. But the important thing to keep in mind is not harming the environment in our celebrations. Making the murti out of pure “Matti” or clay, we made sure to do our part for nature. Also it was really special as it was made specifically for us and that’s what set it apart.” Said Rashami.


This year the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi has brought with itself a great environment of celebrations. With mandals being put up on every nook and corner and competitions being held for the biggest Ganpati, the air is infected with the feeling of happiness and festivity. Creating awareness about such matters, celebrities are more inclined towards eco-friendly ganesha options and that is something great. As influencers and people who are looked up to, it is surely making a difference in the mentality of all.