Rasika Chaube Inaugurates ‘KSHIPRA 3.0’ and ‘Traimasik Patrika’ at PCDA(SC) Pune, Advancing Digital India Mission

Rasika Chaube at PCDA
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Pune, 24th July 2023: The Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Southern Command), Pune, witnessed an auspicious visit by Rasika Chaube, IDAS, ndc, Financial Advisor (Defence Services), Secretary, GoI, MoD, South Block, New Delhi, on July 17, 2023.

Rasika Chaube’s visit to Pune was in connection with the closing valediction ceremony of probationary IDAS officers of the 2022 batch, held on July 16, 2023. During her stay, she played a key role in inaugurating the PAO Conference at NADFM, Pune, which saw the active participation of 50 Army Officers and IDAS Officers. The conference focused on discussions and formalizing the process of making payments of Pay & Allowances to JCOs/ORs of the Indian Army, amounting to a significant sum of Rs. 125 lakh crores, managed by 47 PAOs.

During her visit to the PCDA(SC), Pune, Rasika Chaube graciously engaged with the staff and officials, despite her busy schedule. Dr. Rajeev Chavan, IDAS, ndc, PCDA(SC) Pune, extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guest, presenting her with a floral bouquet/sapling, and humbly paying respects to her as the chief guest.

One of the highlights of the visit was Rasika Chaube’s tree plantation in the lush green lotus garden of the premises, where she admired the serene ambience and the beautiful surroundings. Following the grand traditional Marathi customs, she was reverently greeted with “Tilak” and “Aukshan,” filling the entire premises with blissful energy.

The Historical Museum of PCDA(SC) Pune also caught her attention, where she admired the antiques and historical items preserved for over 150 years, including a letter by ‘Sir Winston Churchill,’ former British Prime Minister. She appreciated the portraits of Veeranganas in the Phadke Hall, paying homage to the lesser-known heroines’ contribution and sacrifices in India’s freedom struggle. The 275-year-old department’s legacy was well preserved in old historic monuments, and she commended PCDA(SC) Pune’s efforts in maintaining the 160-year-old heritage building, constructed in 1864 AD.


The visit was graced by several Senior IDAS Officers, including S.K. Singh, PCDA(O), Pune, M. Sarvanan, IFA(SC) Pune, Sukhsohit Singh, IDAS, Addl.CDA, B.S. Kamble, Jt.CDA, and many others.

During the visit, Rasika Chaube, IDAS, FADS (MoD), inaugurated the newly renovated chamber of PCDA(SC), Pune, and digitally inaugurated “KSHIPRA 3.0,” an Audio/Video Skit Series aimed at educating and creating awareness about pay, allowances, and entitlements of JCOs/ORs. The series, designed in Hindi for better understanding and appreciation, received high praise from Senior Officers of the Indian Army and DAD during the recent PAO conference. The CDs of KSHIPRA 3.0 and Hindi Quarterly Magazine “Traimasik Patrika” were also launched, with more videos to be released on Independence Day 2023, contributing to the mission of digital India.

Rasika Chaube expressed her gratitude to PCDA(SC) Pune and its employees for the warm welcome, reminiscing about her time at the office 16-17 years ago. She lauded the enthusiasm, ethical work culture, and dedication of the employees, which have earned PCDA(SC) Pune a reputation all over India. She appreciated the efforts of Madhu Gandhi Sr. AO and the team behind KSHIPRA, suggesting that these resources be made available on the CGDA website for all JCOs/ORs to benefit from, leading to fewer court cases, reduced complaints, and more efficient service delivery to the Defence services. She also commended the promotion of Hindi in a non-Hindi state through “Traimasik Patrika.”

The visit concluded with a high tea and a heartfelt memento, symbolizing respect and admiration for Rasika Chaube. The program marked a significant milestone for PCDA(SC), Pune, in promoting digital initiatives and strengthening its commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability.