Raveena Tandon on Internet Age: Too Much Access Kills Curiosity

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Mumbai, March 29, 2024: Veteran actress Raveena Tandon, promoting her new OTT release “Patna Shukla,” spoke about the impact of the internet on celebrities’ lives. Tandon believes the constant online exposure reduces the mystery surrounding stars, which was once a key element in audience interest.

In the past, fans relied on occasional interviews to glean details about their favorite stars’ personal lives. Today, social media creates a constant connection, readily offering information and a platform for fan interaction. While acknowledging this as the current reality, Tandon argues for maintaining some level of privacy.

Tandon highlights the importance of balance. She acknowledges the need to share with fans, but cautions against overexposure. “It’s somewhat similar to revealing your entire performance before stepping onto the stage. Then what will you show on the stage?” she said, emphasizing the importance of maintaining an element of surprise.

Tandon advocates for a curated online presence, allowing control over how much personal life is revealed. While embracing the digital age, stars can still choose what aspects of their lives they share publicly.

Raveena Tandon’s latest film “Patna Shukla” premiered on Disney Plus Hotstar today. She also has the upcoming film “Welcome to the Jungle” in the pipeline.