Ray of Hope: Pune-based NGO Ninebee distributing 500+ cooked meals daily

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Pune, March 29, 2020: The concept of Guru Nanak: Langar is still playing a vital role in the survival of the needy people. With the pandemic viral spread, there are many shelterless people mostly daily wages employees. They are on roads and many others who do not have access to food.

Team Ninebee is in full swing, and their cars are moving all across the city to distribute free cooked food to all those in need. As per information, daily circulation is for more than 500 ready meals and they are continuing with full zeal. In Pune, the food distribution was done in Kalewadi, Ravet, Hadapsar, Shivajinagar, Kondhwa and Katraj. Now, they have started similar services in Delhi/NCR.

It is rare to see the founders or core members themselves running on the roads to distribute basic help. And when we have a virus-like corona, nobody even dares to. However, we do see such charismatic moments sometimes and that’s inspiring for all of us too.

The duo Amarpreet Singh Ninebee, an IT professional, and Guneet Kaur, senior manager with a bank, were themselves on ground zero. We got to have a word with them on the service. And they said that they are trying to practice what Guru Nanak has taught them to.

Guneet said, “We have many examples in our history like Guru Harkishan Sahib Ji, that keeps us motivated and always on our toes.”

Amarpreet explained us further with details, “During the year 1663 when Guru Har Krishan Sahib was in Delhi, a swear epidemic of cholera and smallpox broke out. The seven-year-old Guru attended to and served the suffering people with complete devotion. In the process of serving the diseased, the Guru was himself seized by high fever and an attack of smallpox, and he eventually passed away. This is a typical example of serving humanity.”

Another volunteer in the team, Abhijeet (Sonu) said, “We just want nobody should sleep hungry and in this fight against Coronavirus, we will win.”

Astonishingly, the team had never raised any open donations. They had been working selflessly from their savings. Only now they are getting the website reworked to add the donation button. They have started taking contributions now so that the noble services can continue without a cut.

This is indeed a blessing that we have such people on earth who keep humanity alive even in the most difficult times. The langar (free food) of Guru Nanak which has no discrimination for caste, colour, religion is simply sacred magic. This story fills us all with a big positive spirit that we will certainly win this war against Coronavirus.