Read PM Narendra Modi’s Speech From Red Fort On 75th Independence Day

Narendra Modi

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My dear countrymen!

Best wishes to all of you and those who love India and democracy from all over the world on the occasion of the Amrit Mahotsav of freedom, the 75th Independence Day.

Today, on the pious festival of the Amrit Mahotsav of freedom, the country is bowing to all its freedom fighters and brave heroes who continue to sacrifice themselves day and night in the defense of the nation. The country is remembering every personality, including the revered Bapu, who made freedom a mass movement, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who sacrificed everything for the freedom, or great revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Bismil and Ashfaqulla Khan; Rani of Jhansi Lakshmibai, Queen Chennamma of Kittur or Rani Gaidinliu or the valour of MatanginiHazra in Assam; the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Nehru ji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who integrated the country into a united nation, and Baba Saheb Ambedkar, who determined and paved the way for the future direction of India. The country is indebted to all these great personalities.

India is a land endowed with gems. I salute countless people from every corner of India whose names don’t even figure in history, but who have built this nation and have also taken it forward in every period.

India has fought for the motherland, culture and freedom for centuries. This country never gave up the pain of slavery and the longing for freedom for centuries. In the midst of victories and defeats, the aspiration of freedom engraved in the mind was never diminished. Today is the time to bow down to the leaders of all these struggles, the warriors of centuries of struggle and they also deserve our reverence.

Our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, sanitation staff, scientists engaged in developing vaccines, millions of countrymen engaged with the spirit of service during this Corona global pandemic also deserve praise from all of us.

Today there are floods in some areas of the country, landslides have also occurred. Some sad news also keeps coming. The hardships of the people have increased in many areas. At such a time, both the Central and State Governments are with them in complete readiness. Today, the young athletes and our players who have brought laurels to India are also present in this event.

Some are present and sitting here. Today, I appeal to all the countrymen, those who are present here and all those who are present in this ceremony from every corner of India, that in the honour of our players, for a few moments let’s salute them with resounding clapping  applause and show respect for their huge accomplishments.

Let us show our respect to the sports of India, youth of India and honour the young Indians who bring laurels to the nation. Crores of countrymen are showing respect to the youth of India, especially the athletes who brought honour to India with a thunderous applause. I can be proud that they have not only won our hearts today, but also inspired the youth of India and future generations with their huge achievements.

My dear countrymen,

While we celebrate our freedom today, we cannot forget the pain of partition that still pierces through the heart of all Indians. This has been one of the biggest tragedies of the last century. After attaining freedom, these people were forgotten  too soon. Just yesterday India has taken an emotional decision in their memory. We will henceforth commemorate August 14 as “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day” in the memory of all the victims of partition. Those who were subjected to inhuman circumstances, suffered torturous treatment, they could not even receive a dignified cremation. They must all remain alive and never get erased from our memories. The decision of celebrating “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day” on the 75th Independence Day is a befitting tribute from every Indian to them.

My dear countrymen,

For the country moving on the path of progress and humanity in the entire world, the Corona period came as a major challenge. Indians fought this fight with great grit and patience. We had many challenges. Countrymen performed extraordinarily in every field. It is due to the power of our entrepreneurs and scientists that the country is not dependent on anyone or any country for vaccines. Imagine for a ment, if we did not have the vaccine. How long did it take to get polio vaccine?

It was extremely difficult to get vaccines during such a major crisis, with pandemic plaguing the entire world. India might or might not have received it and even if it had received the vaccine there was no certainty of getting that in time. But today we can proudly say that the world’s largest vaccination programme is being run in our country. More than 54 crore people have received the vaccine dose. Online systems like Cowin and digital certificates are attracting the world today. The way India has kept the stoves burning in the poor households by providing free food grains to 80 crore countrymen continuously for months during the pandemic is not only astonishing to the world but also a matter of discussion. It is true that fewer people have been infected in India as compared to other countries; it is also true that in comparison to the population of other countries of the world, we managed to save more citizens in India but it is not something to be proud of!  We cannot rest on these laurels. To say that there was no challenge, will become a restrictive thought in the path of our own development.

Our systems are insufficient compared to that of the rich countries of the world, we do not have what the rich countries have. Moreover, we also have a greater population compared to the other countries of the world. And our lifestyle is also different. Despite all our efforts, we could not  save many people. So many children have been orphaned. This unbearable pain is going to remain forever.

My dear countrymen,

There comes a time in the development journey of every country when the country redefines itself afresh and pushes forward with new resolutions. Today that time has arrived in the development journey of India. We should not limit the occasion of 75 years of Indian independence to just one ceremony. We must lay the groundwork for new resolutions and move forward with new resolutions. Starting from here, the entire journey of the next 25 years, when we celebrate the centenary of Indian independence, marks the Amrit period of creation of a new India. The fulfillment of our resolutions in this Amrit period will take us to the hundredth anniversary of Indian independence with  pride.

The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’  is to ascend to new heights of prosperity for India and the citizens of India. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to create an India where the level of facilities is not dividing the village and the city. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to build an India where the government does not interfere unnecessarily in the lives of citizens. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to build an India where there is world’s every modern infrastructure.

We should not be lesser than anyone. This is the resolve of the crores of countrymen. But the resolve remains incomplete until it is not accompanied by the extreme hard work and courage. Therefore, we have to realize all our resolutions with hard work and courage, and these dreams and resolutions are also for effective contribution to a safe and prosperous world beyond our borders.

Amrit Kaal is of  25 years. But we don’t have to wait for long to achieve our goals. We have to start now. We don’t have a moment to lose. This is the right time. Our country also has to change and we as citizens have to change ourselves too. We also have to adapt ourselves to the changing era. We have started with the spirit of ‘SabkaSaath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’. Today I am requesting from the ramparts of the Red Fort that ‘SabkaSaath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’ and now ‘SabkaPrayas’  are very important for the achievement of our goals. Crores of people are getting the benefits of many schemes started in the last seven years. Every poor of the country knows the importance of Ujjwala to Ayushman Bharat. Today the speed of government schemes has increased and they are achieving the desired goals. We have progressed much faster than before. But it does not end here. We have to achieve saturation. All the villages should have roads, all the households should have bank accounts, all the beneficiaries should have Ayushman Bharat cards and all the eligible persons should get the benefit of Ujjwala Yojana and should have gas connections. We have to connect every entitled person with the government’s insurance, pension and housing schemes. We have to move ahead with a mindset of cent percent achievement. Till now, no thought was given for our street vendors, who sell their goods on tracks, footpaths and carts. All these colleagues are now being linked to the banking system through the SVANidhi scheme.

Just as we have made electricity accessible to 100% households, and have made authentic efforts to construct toilets in 100% households, similarly, we now have to move ahead with the goal of achieving saturation of schemes, and, for this, we do not have to keep a distant deadline. We have to make our resolutions come true within a few years.

Today, our country is working with speed on the Har Ghar Jal Mission. I am happy that in just two years of the Jal Jeevan Mission, more than four and a half crore families have started getting water from taps. They have started getting water from pipes. Receiving the blessings from crores of mothers and sisters, is our true capital. The biggest advantage of this 100 percent accomplishment rate is that no one remains deprived of the benefits of the government scheme. When the government operates with a target to reach the person in the last line, only then there is no discrimination and there is no scope for corruption.

My dear countrymen,

Providing nutrition to every poor person of the country is also a priority of this government. Malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients in poor women and poor children poses major obstacles in their development. In view of this, it has been decided that the government will fortify the rice given to the poor under its various schemes. Will give rice fortified  with nutrition to the poor. Be it the rice available at the ration shop, the rice provided to the children in the mid-day meal, or the rice available through every scheme, it shall be fortified by the year 2024.

My dear countrymen,

Today, the campaign to provide better health facilities to every poor in the country is also going on at a fast pace. For this, important reforms have also been made in medical education. Equal attention has been paid to preventive healthcare. Simultaneously, there has been a substantial increase in the number of medical seats in the country. Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, quality health services are being provided to every village in the country. Affordable medicines are being made available to the poor and middle class through Jan Aushadhi Yojana. So far, more than 75 thousand Health and Wellness centers have been set up. At the block level too, modern health infrastructure is being exclusively set up on a network of good hospitals and modern labs. Very soon thousands of hospitals in the country will also have their own oxygen plants.

My dear countrymen,

To take India to new heights in the 21st century, the optimal utilisation of India’s potential is the need of the hour.

This is extremely important. For this, we need to provide hand holding to the backward categories and sectors. Alongwith the concern of fulfilling the basic needs, reservation is being ensured for the Dalits, Backward classes, Adivasis and the poor people from general category. More recently, in the field of medical education, reservation has also been ensured for the OBC category in the All India quota. By formulating a law in Parliament, the right to make their own list of OBC has been given to the states.

My dear countrymen,

Just as we are making sure that no person or no class should be left behind in the development journey of society, similarly no part of the country, no corner of the country should be left behind. Development should be all-round, development should be all-pervasive, development should be all-inclusive. We are now accelerating the efforts that have been made in the last seven years to bring forward such backward areas of the country. Be it the eastern India, the North-east, Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh including the entire Himalayan region, be it our coastal belt or the tribal region, these regions are going to turn into a major foundation for India’s development in future, India’s development journey.

Today a new history of connectivity is being written in the North-East. This is a connectivity of both the hearts and the infrastructure. Very soon the work of connecting all the state capitals of the North-East with rail service is going to be completed. Under the Act-East Policy, today North-East, Bangladesh, Myanmar and South-East Asia are also being connected. Due to the efforts made in the past years, now the enthusiasm for the creation of Shreshtha Bharat and long lasting peace in the North-East has increased manifold.

There is a huge potential in the fields of tourism, adventure sports, organic farming, herbal medicine, and oil pump in the North East. We have to fully harness this potential and make it a part of the development journey of the country. And we have to complete this work within a few decades of the ‘Amrit kaal’. Giving a fair opportunity to the capabilities of all is the true spirit of democracy. Be it Jammu or Kashmir, the balance of development is now visible on the ground.

The Delimitation Commission has been constituted in Jammu and Kashmir and preparations are also going on for the assembly elections. Ladakh has also progressed towards its limitless possibilities of development. On one hand Ladakh is witnessing the creation of modern infrastructure, while on the other hand Sindhu Central University is also making Ladakh a center of higher education.

In this decade of the 21st century, India will further accelerate its efforts towards the Blue Economy. Along with aquaculture, we have to take full advantage of the new possibilities that are emerging in the cultivation of seaweed. The Deep Ocean Mission is the result of our ambition to explore the unlimited possibilities of the ocean. The mineral wealth which is hidden in the sea, the thermal energy which is in the sea water, can give new heights to the development of the country.

We have also awakened the aspirations of the districts of the country believed to have been left behind. Priority is being given to schemes related to education, health, nutrition, roads and employment in more than 110 aspirational districts in the country. Many of these districts are in our tribal areas. We have created a spirit of healthy competition for development among these districts. There is a strong competition going on in that direction so that these aspirational districts are at par with other districts of India.

My dear countrymen,

Capitalism and socialism are discussed a lot in the world of economics, but India also emphasizes cooperativism. Cooperativism is also compatible with our traditions and values. Cooperativism, in which the collective power of the masses becomes the driving force of the economy, is important for the country’s grassroots level economy. Co-operatives are not just a system with a network of laws and rules, but co-operative is a spirit, culture, and a mindset of collective growth. We have taken steps to empower them by forming a separate ministry. We have taken this step to empower the cooperative sector in the states.

My dear countrymen,

We will have to put all our efforts to build a new economy in the villages in this decade. Today we can see our villages changing rapidly. In the last few years, our government has provided roads and electricity to the villages. Now these villages have been strengthened with optical fibernetwork data and the Internet. Digital entrepreneurs are emerging in the villages also. The more than eight crore sisters in the villages, who are associated with Self-Help Groups, design top-end products. Now the government will also prepare an e-commerce platform for their products so that get a big market in our country and abroad. Today, when the country is moving forward with the mantra of Vocal for Local, this digital platform will connect the products of women self-help groups with people across the length and breadth of the country as well as internationally. Their horizon shall thus get enhanced.

During Corona, the country has witnessed the power of technology, as well as the commitment and capabilities of our scientists. The scientists of our country are working very diligently and strategically across the expanse of ​​the country. Now the time has come for us to integrate the capabilities of scientists and their suggestions in our agriculture sector as well. Now we cannot wait any longer. We have to leverage this strength. This will go a long way in increasing the production of fruits, vegetables and grains along with giving food security to the country. Thus we shall catapult ourselves strongly into the world orbit.

Amongst these concerted efforts, we need to take cognizance of a major challenge posed in our agriculture sector. Challenge of shrinking of land of villagers which is due to immense rise in population, and smaller land holdings due to the divisions happening in the family.  Farming land has shrunk alarmingly. More than 80 percent of the farmers of the country are those who have less than two hectares of land. If we see, 80 out of 100 farmers have less than two hectares of land i.e. the farmers of our country are practically in the small farmer category. Unfortunately, this segment remained eliminated from the benefits in our yesteryear’s policies. They did not get their due importance.  Now, keeping in mind these small farmers in the country, agricultural reforms are being undertaken, and critical decisions are being taken to benefit them.

Whether the improvement in the crop insurance scheme or important decision of increasing the MSP by one and a half times; a system to provide loans from banks at cheaper rates through Kisan Credit Card; taking the schemes related to solar power to the farm, formulate a Farmer Producer Organization. All these efforts will increase the power of the small farmer. In the coming times, a campaign will also be launched to create a warehouse facility up to the block level.

Keeping in mind the small expenses of every small farmer, PM KisanSamman Nidhi Yojana is being run. So far, more than 1.5 lakh crores have been deposited directly into the bank accounts of more than ten crore farmer families. The small farmer is now our resolve and mantra for us. The small farmer becomes the country’s pride…. the small farmer becomes the nation’s pride. This is our dream. In the coming years, we will have to increase the collective power of the small farmers of the country. New facilities have to be provided.

Today, Kisan Rail is plying on more than 70 rail routes of the country. Kisan Rail can help small farmers with this modern facility to reach far flung areas on a low cost of produce and transportation. Several products like Kamalam, Shahi litchi, BhutJolokiachillis, black rice or turmeric are being exported to different countries of the world. Today, the country feels delighted when the aroma of these products produced in the soil of India reaches different countries of the world. Today the world is developing a taste for the vegetables and food grains grown in the fields of India.

My dear countrymen,

Swamitva Yojana is an example of one of the initiatives taken to boost the capabilities of the villages today. We all know what happens to the price of land in villages. They do not get any loan from the banks on the basis of land, despite being the owners of the land because no work had been done in terms of documents of rural land for several years. People do not have this system. The Swamitva scheme attempted to change this situation. Today every village, every house, every land is being mapped through drones. The data and property papers of village lands are being uploaded online. With this, not only the disputes related to land in the villages are being ended, but a system has also been created for the people of the village to get loans easily from the banks. The lands of village poor should be the foundation for development rather than disputes. And the country is moving in the same direction today.

My dear countrymen,

When Swami Vivekananda used to talk about the future of India, when he used to see the magnificence of Mother Bharati in front of his eyes, he used to say – Try to look into the past as far as possible. Drink the water of the ever new spring flowing back there, and after that, look ahead. Go ahead and make India brighter, greater & better than ever. In this 75th year of independence, it is our duty to move forward believing in the immense potential of the country. We have to work together for new generation infrastructure; we have to work together for world class manufacturing; we have to work together for cutting edge innovations; we have to work together for new age technology.

My dear countrymen,

The foundation of progress in the modern world lies on modern infrastructure. It also fulfills the needs and aspirations of the middle class. Weak infrastructure derails the pace of development and the urban middle class also suffers.

We have to work together for next generation infrastructure, for world class manufacturing, for cutting edge innovation and for New Age technology.

My dear countrymen,

Realizing this need, the country has demonstrated extraordinary speed and scale in every field from the seas, land to the skies. Rapid progress is underway whether it is development of new waterways or connecting new places with seaplanes. Indian Railways is also rapidly adapting to its modern avatar. The country has resolved to celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of independence. You would know that we have decided to celebrate this Amrit Mahotsav of independence for 75 weeks. It started from 12th March and will continue till 15th August, 2023. We have to move forward with new enthusiasm and, therefore, the country has made a very important decision.

During these 75 weeks of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, 75 Vande Bharat trains will connect every corner of the country. The pace at which new airports are being built in the country and the UDAN scheme connecting remote areas is unprecedented. We can see how better air connectivity gives new flights to people’s dreams.

My dear countrymen,

Along with modern infrastructure, there is a great need for adopting a holistic and integrated approach in infrastructure construction. In the near future, we are going to launch the National Master Plan of Prime Minister ‘Gati Shakti’ which will be a huge scheme and fulfill the dreams of crores of countrymen. This scheme of more than 100 lakh crores rupees will result in new employment opportunities for lakhs of youth.

Gati Shakti will be a National Infrastructure Master Plan for our country which will lay the foundation of holistic Infrastructure and will lead to an integrated and holistic pathway to our economy. Right now, there is no coordination between our means of transport. Gati Shakti will break the silos, and will remove all these obstacles. This will reduce the travel time for the common man and the productivity of our industry will also increase. Gati Shakti will also go a long way in making our local manufacturers globally competitive and this will also develop new possibilities for the creation of future economic zones. In this decade, the power of speed will form the basis of India’s transformation.

My dear countrymen,

India will have to increase both its manufacturing and exports while moving ahead on the path of development.

My dear countrymen,

Treading ahead on the path of development, India will have to augment both its manufacturing and exports. You have witnessed, just a few days ago, India launched its first indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant for trial in the sea. Today India is making its own indigenous fighter aircraft, its own submarine. Gaganyaan is also slated to hoist India’s flag in space. This itself is evidential of our immense capabilities in indigenous manufacturing.

The country has also announced Production Linked Incentive to consolidate our Make in India campaign in the wake of the new economic conditions that have emerged due to Corona. The electronic manufacturing sector stands as an example of the change that is enforced through this scheme. Seven years ago we used to import mobile phones worth about eight billion dollars. However, now the import has reduced considerably, and today we are also exporting mobile phones worth three billion dollars.

Today, when our manufacturing sector is gaining momentum, our focus should be that whatever we make in India should be of highest quality standards so that we sustain in the global competition. Rather, if possible we should aim at going a step ahead and take proactive steps to prepare ourselves for the global market. We have to target that. I want to say emphatically to all the manufacturers of the country, that you should never forget that the product you sell overseas is not just a product made by your company, it is the identity of our nation, India’s prestige and the faith of all the citizens of our country.

My dear countrymen

That is why I tell all our manufacturers that each of your products is a brand ambassador of India. When someone will buy and use your product, the customer should say with pride- now “This is Made in India”. That’s the mindset we need. You all should now aspire to win over the global market. The government is fully with you in realising this dream.

My dear countrymen,

Today, several new start-ups are being formed in different sectors of the country and even in smaller tier 2, tier 3 cities of the country. They also have a big role to play in getting entry of their Indian products into the inter-state market.The government stands with all its might, with these start-ups. Whether it is giving them financial help, cash discounts, rules simplification for them, the government is fully with them. We have seen that thousands of new start-ups have emerged in this difficult period of Corona. They are moving forward with great success. Yesteryear’s start-ups are becoming today’s unicorns. Their market value is reaching thousands of crores of rupees.

These are new types of wealth creators in our country today. They are standing on their feet with the power of their unique ideas, moving ahead and walking with the dream of conquering the world. They are new kinds of wealth creators. They are moving by the force of their unique ideas and a dream to win over the world.  In this decade, we need to relentlessly work towards making India’s Startups and the Startup Ecosystem the best in the whole world.

My countrymen,

Political will is needed  to bring  about major changes and reforms. Today the world is witnessing that there is no dearth of political will in India. Good and smart governance is required to implement the reforms. Today the world is also a witness to how India is writing a new chapter of governance here. In this decade of ‘Amrit Kaal’, we will give priority to Next Generation reforms… We will ensure that all the facilities like service delivery should reach citizens up to the last mile; it should reach the last person seamlessly, without hesitation or any kind of difficulty. For the overall development of the country, unnecessary interference by the government and the government processes in the lives of the people has to be ended.

Earlier, the government itself was on the driving seat. This might have been the demand of that time. But now the time has changed. In the last seven years, efforts have also intensified in the country to liberate the people of the country from the web of unnecessary laws and  procedures. Till now hundreds of old laws of the country have been abolished. Even during this period of Corona pandemic, the government has abolished more than 15,000 compliances. Now you see, you might have experienced a lot of hassles and paperwork for a small government work. That has been the situation so far. We have ended 15,000 compliances.

Just imagine…..I want to give you an example. A law has been in place in India for over 200 years, 200 years i.e. even before 1857. As per this law, the citizens of the country did not have the right to create maps. Now imagine, it was in place since 1857. If you want to create a map, then seek permission from the government, if you want to print the map in a book, then  seek permission from the government; there is a provision for arrest if the map is lost. Nowadays every phone has a Map app. Satellites have so much power! Then how will we take the country forward with a burden of such laws? It is very important to get rid of this burden of compliances. We have abolished several regulations in various sectors like mapping, space, information technology and BPO.

My dear countrymen,

Freedom from the clutches of unnecessary laws is very important for both Ease of Living as well as Ease of Doing Business. Our country’s industries and businesses are experiencing this change today.

Today dozens of labor laws have been subsumed into just 4 codes. Tax related arrangements have also been made easy and become faceless now. We will have to work together so that such reforms are not limited to the government only, but percolate down to gram panchayats, municipal corporations and municipalities. I am calling upon,  making an earnest appeal to all the central and state departments to launch a campaign to review the existing rules and procedures. We have to get rid of every rule, every process which has become a hindrance and a burden for the people of the country. I know what has accumulated in 70-75 years will not go away in a day or in a year. But if we start working with a purpose, we will definitely be able to do this.

My dear countrymen,

Keeping this in mind, the government has also started Mission Karmayogi and Capacity Building Commission to increase people-centric approach in bureaucracy and improve their efficiency.

My dear countrymen,

Our education, education system, education tradition  has a great role in preparing the youth, who are possessed with skill and ability, and who have the spirit to do something for the country.  Today the country also has a new National Education Policy to meet the needs of the 21st century. Now our children will neither stop due to lack of skills nor will they be bound by language barriers. Unfortunately, there is a massive divide in our country regarding language. We have tied a huge talent of the country to the cage of language.  One can find promising people in their mother tongue. If people from the vernacular medium come forward, their self-confidence will grow. Justice will be done to the potential of the poor children when they will become professionals by studying in their mother tongue.

I believe that language is the instrument of the fight against poverty in the new National Education Policy.  This new National Education Policy is also going to be a great tool to fight against poverty in a way. The basis of winning the war against poverty is also the education, prestige and importance of the vernacular language.  The country has seen this in the playground… and we are experiencing that language has not become a barrier and as a result we have seen that the youth are playing and blossoming. Now the same thing will happen in other fields of life as well.

Another special feature of the new National Education Policy is that sports has been made a part of mainstream education instead of extra-curricular. Sports is also one of the most effective means of pursuing life. It is very important to have sports in life for perfection in life. There was a time when sports was not considered mainstream. Parents also considered indulging in sports as wastage of life. Now, there is a new awareness about fitness and sports. We have seen and felt this in the olympics. This change is a big turning point for us. That is why, we need to speed up and expand the campaign that is going on in the country for infusing talent, technology and professionalism in sports.

It is a matter of pride for the country that our daughters are performing in an unprecedented manner in the fields of education, sports, Boards results or olympics. Today daughters are raring to occupy their place. We have to  ensure that women have equal partnership in every career and workspace. We have to ensure that they feel safe from roads to the workplace and everywhere. There should be a feeling of respect for them and in  this, the government, administration, police and justice system will have to perform their duty cent percent. We have to make this resolution , the resolution of the 75 years of Independence.

Today I am sharing good news with the countrymen. I used to get lakhs of messages from our daughters that they want to study in the Sainik Schools. The Doors of the schools should be opened for them. We dis aq pilot project in the Sainik School of Mizoram two-two and half years ago by giving admission to our daughters. Now the Government has decided that all the Sainik Schools will be open for the girls. Daughter too will study in all the Sainik Schools of the Country.

Environmental security is getting the same importance in the world as national security.Today India is a vibrant voice of environmental security, whether it is  biodiversity or land neutrality, climate change or waste recycling, organic farming or  biogas, energy conservation or  clean energy transition. India’s efforts in environment are giving results today. Increase in forest cover, number of national parks, increase in number of tigers and Asiatic lions are a matter of happiness for the countrymen.

Among all these successes one truth needs to be understood. India is not yet energy independent. India today spends more than 12 lakh crore rupees annually for importing energy. For India’s progress and to build a self-reliant India, India’s energy independence is the need of the hour! Therefore today, India has to make a resolution to make India energy independent before the completion of 100 years of independence and our roadmap is very clear for the same. It should be a gas based economy.  There should be a network of CNG & PNG across the country. There should be a target of 20 percent ethanol blending. India is moving ahead with a set goal. India has also made a move towards Electric Mobility and the work on 100% electrification of Railways is also progressing at a fast pace. Indian Railways has set a target of becoming Net Zero Carbon Emitter by 2030. Besides these efforts, the country is also emphasizing on Mission Circular Economy. Our Vehicle Scrap Policy is a great example of the same. Today, India is the only country in the group of G-20 countries, which is moving fast towards achieving its climate goals.

 India has set a target of 450 GW of renewable energy by the end of this decade – 450 GW by 2030. Of this, the target of 100 GW has been achieved by India ahead of schedule. These efforts are also instilling confidence in the world.  The formation of the International Solar Alliance on the Global State is a great example of the same.

Of every effort being made by India today, the thing that is going to help India with a quantum leap in terms of climate is the field of ​​Green Hydrogen. To achieve the goal of Green Hydrogen, I am announcing the National Hydrogen Mission today with this tricolour as a witness. We have to make India a Global Hub for Green Hydrogen Production and Export in the ‘Amrit Kaal’. This will not only  help India to make a new progress in the field of energy self-reliance but will also become a new inspiration for Clean Energy Transition all over the world. New opportunities from Green Growth to Green Job are opening up today for our start-ups & youth.

My dear countrymen,

Today, the 21st century India has the ability to create and achieve big goals as well. Today India is also solving those subject areas, which were hanging fires for decades and centuries. Be it a historic decision to abrogate Article 370, introduction of GST, a system that frees the country from the web of taxes, a decision regarding ‘One Rank-One Pension’ for our military friends, a peaceful solution to the Ram Janmabhoomi issue, we have seen it come true in a few years

India’s willpower is realizing all the resolutions whether it is the Bru-Reang agreement in Tripura after decades, constitutional status to the OBC commission or the BDC and DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time since independence.

Even in this period of Corona, record foreign investment is coming to India. India’s foreign exchange reserves are also at an all-time high. India has also given the message of the might of New India to the enemies of the country by carrying out surgical and air strikes. It shows that India is changing. India can change. India can take the toughest decisions and it does not hesitate and stop in taking even the toughest decisions.

My dear countrymen,

The nature of global relations has changed after the Second World War. There is a possibility of a new world order post Corona. The world has seen and appreciated India’s efforts during Corona. Today the world is looking at India from a new perspective. There are two important aspects of this perception — one is terrorism and the other is expansionism. India is fighting both these challenges and is also responding strongly in a restrained manner. Our defense preparedness has to be equally strong if India has to fulfil its obligations properly.

We are making constant efforts to provide new opportunities to our hardworking entrepreneurs and to encourage Indian companies to make the country self-reliant in the field of defence. I assure the country that we will leave no stone unturned to strengthen the hands of our forces engaged in the defense of the country.

My dear countrymen,

Today is also the birth anniversary of the great thinker of the country, Sri Aurobindo. His 150th birth anniversary will be celebrated in 2022. Sri Aurobindo was a visionary of India’s bright future. He used to say that we have to be as powerful as we were never before. We have to change our habits. We have to re-awaken ourselves. These words of Sri Aurobindo remind us of our duties. We also have to think about what we are giving to the country as a citizen and as a society. We have always given importance to rights. They were needed during that period, but now we have to make duties paramount. Everybody will have to contribute in fulfilling the resolutions of the country. Every citizen will have to own this up.

Our country has initiated a campaign of water conservation, so it is our duty to include saving water in our habits. If the country is emphasizing on digital transactions, then it is also our duty to do minimum cash transactions. The country has started the campaign of Local for Vocal, so it is our duty to buy as many local products as possible. To strengthen our vision of a plastic-free India of the country, it is our duty to completely stop the use of single use plastic. It is our duty not to throw dirt in our rivers, keep our sea shores clean. We also have to take the Swachh Bharat Mission to another new level.

Today, when the country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav on the occasion of 75 years of independence, it is the duty of all of us to join this event, participate in it enthusiastically, and keep kindling our resolutions again and again. Keeping freedom struggle in mind, whatever little you do… whatever… will be pure like a drop of nectar, and this Amrit Kumbh made by the pure efforts of many Indians will inspire the entire nation for years to come.

My dear countrymen,

I am not a fortune teller, I believe in action. I have faith in the youth of my country, I trust the sisters of the country, the daughters of the country, the farmers of the country, and the professionals of the country. This ‘CAN DO’ generation can achieve every goal imaginable.

I believe that in 2047, on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of independence… whoever will be the Prime Minister… whoever will be the Prime Minister after 25 years from today, when he will be unfurling the flag… I say this with confidence today that he or she shall be chronicling those accomplishments in his speech about which the country has taken a vow today… This is my firm belief of victory.

Today whatever I am speaking of in the form of a resolution, whoever hoists the flag after 25 years, shall be speaking of the same in the form of accomplishments. The country would be singing its glory in the form of these accomplishments. Youth of the country of today, shall also see at that time how the country has achieved this glory.

In the 21st century, no obstacle can stop us from fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of India. Our strength is our vitality, our strength is our solidarity, our vitality is the spirit of nation first – always first. This is the time for shared dreams, this is the time for shared resolve, this is the time for shared efforts… and this is the time to move towards victory.

And so I say once again-

This is the time,

This is the time.. the right time!

India’s precious time!

This is the time, the right time! India’s precious time!

The power of countless arms,

The power of countless arms,

There is patriotism everywhere!

There is the power of innumerable arms, there is patriotism everywhere…

Come, rise and unfurl the Tricolour!

Come, rise and unfurl the Tricolour!

Turn the fate of India,

Turn the fate of India,

This is the time, the right time! India’s precious time!

There is nothing..

There is nothing you cannot do,

There is nothing you cannot achieve,

You Rise…

You Rise and Begin,

Recognize your abilities,

Recognize your abilities,

Understand all your duties,

Understand all your duties!

This is the time, the right time! India’s precious time!

When the country completes 100 years of independence, the goals of the countrymen must be turned into reality; that is my desire. With my best wishes, I once again congratulate all the countrymen on the 75th Independence Day! Say aloud with your fists up –

Jai Hind,

Jai Hind,

Jai Hind!




Long live Mother India,

Long live Mother India,

Long live Mother India!

Thanks a lot!