Reasi Terror Attack: Couple Seeking Blessings Killed, Husband Shot by Terrorists

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Pune, 11th June 2024: Saurav Gupta, a resident of East Delhi’s Milan Garden, was killed by terrorists in the Reasi district. Saurav, who married Shivani from Mandawali two years ago, visited Vaishno Devi with his wife to seek blessings for a child. The couple was returning from the Shivkhori Shrine when their bus was attacked. Saurav was shot in the head, causing the bus to crash into a ditch. The incident has left the family and the community in deep mourning.

Saurav Gupta and his wife Shivani had visited Vaishno Devi on Friday night, praying for a child. After the pilgrimage, they bought a prepaid number to stay in touch with their family. On their way to the Shivkhori Shrine, Shivani made a video call to her grandmother-in-law Munni Devi, showing her the beautiful Jammu hills from the bus.

The couple had a train to Delhi scheduled for Sunday night from Katra. On Saturday evening, while traveling by bus from Shivkhori Shrine to the railway station, their bus suddenly stopped, and terrorists fired at the passengers. Saurav, sitting by the window, was struck by two bullets in the head, leading the bus to crash into a ditch. The news of the attack shocked their family in Delhi. The men did not inform the women about Saurav’s death until Monday afternoon.

Saurav is survived by his father, Kuldeep Gupta, brother Gaurav Gupta, and sister Bhavana. His mother had passed away earlier. Saurav owned a clothing shop in Gandhi Nagar. Family members departed for Jammu from Delhi on Saturday night. Shivani’s condition is stable. The community mourns the loss of Saurav, who was deeply loved.

Shivani, severely injured in the crash, lost consciousness but later woke up to cries for help. Local residents rescued her and Saurav from the bus. Shivani’s grandfather-in-law, Subhash Gupta, was visiting the Khatu Shyam temple when he received a call from Shivani, who cried, “Grandfather, save us. Terrorists shot my husband.” Subhash Gupta assured her and immediately arranged transportation from Rajasthan to Jammu.

Amit Gupta, Saurav’s uncle, emphasized that his nephew and niece-in-law were innocent victims returning home after seeking blessings. He urged the army to give a fitting response to the terrorists, stating that Saurav’s soul would only find peace when the terrorists are eradicated. Neighbor Ashok mentioned the family’s anxiety as Shivani, hospitalized, could not answer calls. With no contact for Jammu police, they found the Shivkhori Shrine Trust’s number online. A member sent photos of seven deceased individuals, and Saurav was identified among them on Sunday morning. North East Delhi BJP President Manoj Tyagi sought help from Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha for Saurav and Shivani.