Record-Breaking Tourism Boom In Jammu And Kashmir – 1.27 Crore Tourists Flock To The Region

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New Delhi, 4th August 2023: Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir has seen a remarkable boom, four years after the abrogation of Article 370. With a staggering 1.27 crore tourists visiting the region up to July, the union territory is set to break last year’s record of 1.89 crore tourist arrivals.

The surge in tourism is particularly evident among foreign visitors, with more than 15,000 foreigners visiting up to June this year, a significant increase compared to the first half of 2022 when only 4,028 foreign tourists arrived. Government sources predict that the total number of tourist arrivals in the UT will surpass two crores this year, a milestone for a region that had long been affected by cross-border terrorism.

The tourism industry has also seen a boost in spiritual tourism, with over 58 lakh pilgrims visiting the famous Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu region’s Reasi district until July, surpassing the previous year’s footfall. The Amarnath Yatra has also seen a tremendous response, with over 4 lakh pilgrims in the first 32 days, surpassing the total figure from the previous year.

Improved security conditions have played a crucial role in attracting more tourists, as reflected in the growing confidence of foreign visitors to visit the holy shrines. Areas like Sonmarg and Pahalgam are also witnessing a good tourism season, adding to the positive economic impact.

Tourism, along with horticulture and agriculture, plays a vital role in Jammu and Kashmir’s economy, contributing approximately 7 per cent to its overall output. The increased tourist numbers are exposing local industries to the world and creating new business opportunities.

The UT administration is taking proactive measures to develop 75 new tourist destinations, including heritage and cultural sites, religious sites, and adventure treks, catering to all four seasons. They are also exploring tourism in amusement parks, water sports, rafting, rock climbing, and snow parks to attract even more tourists. A comprehensive tourism policy formulated in 2020 aims to generate employment for around 50,000 people annually and attract significant investments to boost the tourism sector further.

Overall, the tourism growth is a testament to the region’s stability and tranquillity, highlighting the potential of Jammu and Kashmir’s economy when peace prevails.