Recovered Patients are 3.5 times the Active Cases

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Delhi, 26 Aug 2020:   The number of recoveries in India today exceeds the active cases by 3.5 times. The single day recovery figure has been more than 60,000 since many days. Recovery of 63,173 COVID-19 patients in the last 24 hours has resulted in the cumulative recoveries of 24,67,758 people. This has contributed to the rapidly widening chasm between the number of percentage recovered and percentage active cases further.

17,60,489 people have recovered more than the active cases (7,07,267). With this, India’s Recovery Rate amongst the COVID-19 patients has crossed 76% (76.30%) today.

The record high recoveries have ensured that the actual caseload of the country viz. the active cases, has further lowered. It currently comprises only 21.87%of the total positive cases.

The coordinated efforts of Centre and State/UT governments of early detection through aggressive testing and efficient clinical management of hospitalized cases have shown results with continuously regressing Case Fatality Rate. It is 1.84%as on date, and steadily declining