Reduction in Accidents on Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Intense Awareness Program Launched

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Pune-Mumbai, 11th January 2024: A special campaign aimed at curbing accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway has shown promising results, with a notable decrease in accidents reported between January and December 2023 compared to the previous year. The initiative, led by the Highway Police and the Regional Transport Office (RTO), has focused on extensive awareness programs and strict enforcement of traffic rules.

According to data released by the state transport department, a total of 329 accidents occurred on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway from January to December 2022. Of these, 152 were fatal accidents resulting in 186 casualties. In contrast, the corresponding period in 2023 witnessed a reduction, with 271 reported accidents, 103 being fatal, and 126 lives lost. This represents a remarkable 17.62 per cent decrease in the overall number of accidents, a 32.23 per cent drop in fatal accidents, and a corresponding 32.25 per cent decrease in fatalities.

The success in accident reduction is attributed to the proactive measures taken by the Highway Police and RTO. Frequent awareness programs aimed at educating motorists about traffic rules have played a crucial role. Moreover, punitive actions against traffic rule violators have been enforced, discouraging reckless behaviour on the expressway.

As part of the comprehensive awareness campaign, the RTO department has provided traffic rules lessons to a staggering 65,000 motorists who violated traffic rules in the past year. Instead of imposing penalties, these drivers and their families were educated about traffic regulations in specially designated air-conditioned rooms, with water facilities provided for a conducive learning environment.

Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanwar, shared insights into the initiative, stating, “To prevent accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the RTO department is running a public awareness campaign. Punitive action has also been taken against those who violate traffic rules. So, in the last year, 65,000 motorists who violated traffic rules were given information about traffic rules instead of penal action.”

The RTO department and highway police have targeted common causes of accidents, such as speeding, drowsy driving, and erratic lane changes. Road safety campaigns have been instrumental in creating public awareness about adhering to traffic rules, contributing to the significant decrease in accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.