Regarding Women’s Day- Reactions of CREDAI members

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8 March 2019 ,Darshana Parmar, Chairperson, CREDAI Women’s Wing :
CREDAI women’s wing will play a vital role in providing a networking forum for women led development at all levels, in the Entrepreneurial, Organisational and Industry labour. CREDAI-Pune Metro has led from the front to recognize that Women leaders are important for an era of unending growth and progress for Indian Real Estate.

Suhas Merchant, President Elect, CREDAI-Pune Metro :  
Women had played vital role in past and proven their ability to work shoulder to shoulder with men, they have contributed in every sector, be it Engineering, Real Estate, Mathematics, Astronomy, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, etc. Women’s contribution to the society at large is very much appreciated.

Shrikant Paranjape, President, CREDAI-Pune Metro :
Women of this era are are major contributors in today’s Economy. Indian culture respects and appreciates the role played by the women. CREDAI-Pune Metro has started various initiatives to empower women to play important role in the Real Estate Industry.