Renowned Pune Ophthalmologist Dr Vardhaman Kankaria elected to All India Ophthalmology Association’s Scientific Committee

Dr Vardhaman Kankaria
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Pune, 1st August 2023: Dr Vardhaman Kankaria, an internationally renowned Ophthalmologist and Director of Asian Eye Hospital in Pune, has been elected to the Scientific Committee of the prestigious All India Ophthalmology Association.

The announcement was made during the annual national conference of the national association, held recently in Cochin, Kerala. This prestigious committee appointment is considered a significant recognition within the ophthalmology community in India.

Dr Vardhaman Kankaria is among the youngest ophthalmologists to be elected to the committee, which comprises 7 members from across the country, representing a total of 27,000 ophthalmologists in the organization. Prior to this, Dr. Kankaria has served as the secretary of the Maharashtra Ophthalmology Association, which boasts a membership of over 3,000 ophthalmologists in Maharashtra.

Dr. Vardhaman Kankaria’s contributions to Ophthalmology have gained international recognition, owing to his extensive research at both national and international levels. Notably, he holds a prestigious place in the Limca Book of World Records for his exceptional performance in LASIK surgery for the removal of glasses.

The All India Ophthalmology Association’s Scientific Committee plays a crucial role in shaping advancements and innovations in the field of ophthalmology. Dr Kankaria’s selection to this committee reflects his expertise and standing as an accomplished ophthalmologist of international repute.

Additionally, during the convention, several other ophthalmologists from Maharashtra, including Dr Bawankule, Dr Hirur, and Dr Bansal, were also selected for various committees within the All India Ophthalmology Association. The inclusion of these experts further strengthens the representation of Maharashtra in the association’s initiatives and decision-making processes.