Republic Day Parade 2021: Ban on flying drones and gliders in Delhi-NCR till February 15

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New Delhi, January 16, 2021: Keeping in view the Republic Day celebrations, the deployment of drones, hang gliders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), micro-light aircraft, hot air balloons, by the Delhi police in Delhi-NCR for security reasons has been banned. This ban will last from 20 January to 15 February.

The ban has been imposed on the orders of Police Commissioner SN Srivastava. It has been reported in the Intelligence Bureau (IB) alert that criminal or anti-social elements and terrorist organizations in India use sub-traditional aerial devices such as semi-gliders, para-motors and can pose a threat to the security of the general public, dignitaries, and important establishments. Section-144 has also been imposed in Delhi for the Republic Day celebrations. Those violating the order will be prosecuted under Section 188 of the IPC.

A copy of this order has been sent to all officers of Delhi Police, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, East Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department, Delhi Development Authority, and all the Police, including the Delhi Cantonment Board.

Police Commissioner SN Srivastava says that anti-social elements or terrorists can target specific individuals and important institutions during the Republic Day celebrations. Antisocial elements can carry out criminal and terrorist attacks using not only drones but also para-gliders, small-sized aircraft, etc.

SN Srivastava says that Republic Day is always the target of terrorists. The police are inclined to provide special protection. Similar activities have been banned for 27 days, from January 20 to February 15, keeping the safety of the citizens in mind. The entirety of the Delhi Police has been informed about the order in this regard.