Blackbuck Hunting Case: Salman Khan Did Not Appear Before The Court

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Jodhpur, January 16, 2021: Bollywood star Salman Khan did not appear in court on Saturday in the case of blackbuck hunting. The District and Sessions Court of Jodhpur has fixed February 6 as the date for the next hearing. Salman Khan himself filed an appeal on his behalf in the case, which was to be heard. But Salman Khan, however, did not appear before the court. Salman Khan, through his lawyer Hastimal Saraswat, sought to exempt himself from physically appearing in court. Hastimal Saraswat said that in the court we have given an application on behalf of Salman Khan.

This application says that due to the Corona crisis, travelling and appearing in court physically can be risky for Salman Khan. With this, Salman Khan has said that he will be present whenever the court requests his presence, he will appear before the court. During the previous hearing, the court requested him to appear in court.

Salman Khan has challenged the trial court’s sentence of 5 years imprisonment given to him in the session court. In its judgment on 5 April 2018, the CJM court of Jodhpur sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years of imprisonment in the case of hunting of two blackbuck deer which is an extremely endangered species.

The court imposed a fine of 10,000 rupees on Salman Khan under the Wildlife Protection Act. Eventually, on the appeal of Salman Khan, the District and Sessions Court of Jodhpur District decided to stay the decision on April 7, 2018, and granted him conditional bail. Apart from this, a petition has also been filed by the state government against the acquittal of Salman Khan in the Arms Act case. On this too, Salman Khan through his lawyer has appealed to the court to provide an exemption to be present physically.