Research and Development (R&D) Centers to Boost University-Industry Collaboration, Guidelines Released by UGC

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New Delhi, 30th June 2023: To address the technical requirements of industries, Research and Development (R&D) centres can now be established in collaboration with universities. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued guidelines for Sustainable University-Industry Collaboration in Indian Universities.

The recently implemented National Education Policy emphasizes the importance of cooperation between educational institutions and industry. In line with this vision, the guidelines have been unveiled, and feedback from stakeholders has been invited.

Dr M. Jagadishkumar, President of UGC, stated, “Higher educational institutions have been encouraged to promote research and development by establishing R&D centres at the state or regional level through university-industry collaboration. These centres will provide students with employability skills, offer necessary internships, and allow them to earn credits through project involvement.”

The decision brings several benefits:

  • It will enhance research and development activities in both universities and industries.
  • It will create opportunities for students to receive training and practical learning experiences.
  • A regional advisory committee will be formed to facilitate and promote research.
  • Students will gain internship opportunities and develop skills aligned with employment needs.

To facilitate the growth of R&D clusters, the Center for Universities may establish a Regional Advisory Committee. Additionally, higher education institutions are required to establish Industry Relations Cells, enabling collaborative projects between university faculty groups and industry representatives. Similarly, industries must create university relations cells to cater to the needs of universities. Internship guidelines and credit allocation will adhere to UGC norms and recommendations.

Industry involvement goes beyond CSR funding. Researchers will receive financial support for addressing problem statements, which will contribute to their research endeavors. Moreover, students will benefit from skill-oriented training. Dr Nitin Karamalkar, Chairman of the State Steering Committee for the National Education Policy, emphasized the importance of attracting industry R&D units to universities.

“The guidelines provide a platform for industry and academia to work together in a mutually beneficial manner. This collaboration will enhance research outcomes, contribute to the financial support of research projects, and equip students with relevant skills. We should actively consider how industry R&D units can engage with universities,” said Dr Nitin Karamalkar.