Revamping Higher Education: UGC Drafts New Guidelines for Government Reservation Policy

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New Delhi, 29th Decembe 2023: The University Grants Commission (UGC) regularly formulates guidelines on diverse aspects related to higher education with the aim of ensuring quality education and upholding standards. These guidelines, specifically addressing the implementation of the reservation policy of the Government of India, were originally framed in 2006 and can be accessed on the UGC website.

Over time, subsequent to the 2006 guidelines, the Government of India has issued several letters and office memorandums, incorporating decisions from various courts. Notably, on July 9, 2019, the Government of India enacted “The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Act 2019,” treating Central Educational Institutions as a single unit for the purpose of reservation in teacher positions, as stated by UGC Secretary Prof. Manish Joshi in a public notice.

In light of these developments, the UGC has established an Expert Committee tasked with formulating guidelines for the implementation of the Government’s Reservation Policy in Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Colleges, and other Grant-in-aid Institutions and Centres across the country. The primary objective is to review the existing 2006 reservation guidelines in light of the latest office orders, memorandums, and court decisions. The aim is to align these guidelines with the current legal landscape and constitutional provisions for the benefit of the weaker sections of society.

Given the importance of the Government of India’s reservation policy, the UGC has drafted guidelines titled “Implementation of the Reservation Policy of the Government of India in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs).” The UGC encourages feedback and suggestions from all stakeholders, with the deadline for submission set for January 28, 2024. Interested parties can provide their input on the University Activity Monitoring Portal (UAMP) of the UGC at [