RiseBack Edtech Startup platform vision is to promote India as VishwaGuru in Education

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Pune, 11th March 2023: RiseBack, World’s 1st affordable Edtech Startup platform promoting Indian Universities online degree programs hosted its first press conference on March 8th, 2023 at the Patrakar Bhavan, Ganjwe Chowk, Navi Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

RiseBack is one of the first and only EdTech platform offering Undergraduate & Graduate degree programs and has partnered with leading Indian Universities to offer Affordable Colleges Degree to American Students and the GCC region professionals & students.

The objective of RiseBack is to leverage globalization by connecting students with Indian Universities, so they achieve their personal and their family’s dream of going to college.

The Indian universities on the RiseBack platform offer undergraduate and master’s degrees in Business & IT and both of them have courses in IT – such as digital marketing, blockchain, artificial intelligence et al.

Initially, RiseBack focus was targeting American students and professionals, as the university education is extremely high for example Undergraduate degrees (BBA, BA et) cost $ 30,000 plus, whereas the same degree cost is $2500 plus.

At the press conference Dr.Tausif Malik, Founder RiseBack said that Education can generate Foreign Exchange, as Software Industry did for India”.

Based on research University education and especially IT education can increase job opportunities and income.

Indian America Dr. Malik, Founder RiseBack said that “The reason for focusing on IT education is as it is one of the highest-paying jobs and this can help reduce gaps in education and increase the income of fellow Americans.

Guest of Honour Dr.Prakash Sharma, founder P-Combinator said “Thank you Dr.Tausif Malik to invite me as a Guest of Honour. RiseBack is the first and only edtech platform promoting Indian education to global societies. The best part about RiseBack is that it is supporting the vision of Government of India of VishwaGuru, through education. As Indian educated students have proved over the years to the world by heading major companies and organisations. I wish Dr.Malik and his team a grand success”.

Dr. Malik also said “I have worked in the GCC region and observed that there are many talented individuals, who could contribute at the higher level but due to lack of undergraduate & Masters degree don’t get the opportunity. Many families send their children back home to study as there is very limited opportunity for online University degree programs which are very expensive”.

Indian universities are established under the University Grants Commission of India, hence degrees are accepted globally, hence students can pursue their professional and academic careers.

Malik said that “RiseBack is a small step in empowering the students to earn their future without Student Debt, this would make them more confident in achieving their higher professional goals, leading to higher disposable income and triggering economic activity”.

RiseBack benefits to students?

1. Affordable Education

2. Study from the comfort of home

3. Work and Study

4. Path to earn and achieve professional goals

What is RiseBack?

1.EduTech Platform connecting Students with Indian universities to earn their Undergraduate degree.

2. RiseBack additionally service offers – Skill & Professional Training & Certification Programs * US Evaluation of Degrees assistance * Recruitment assistance * Internship assistance * Incubation & Acceleration services for Students Startups

How does RiseBack work?

1. RiseBack is an EduTech platform, where students can review, choose and register for Undergraduate degree programs – B.A, B.Com, BBA, BCA & Masters (Graduate) degree programs MA, M.Com, MBA, MCA degree programs offered by Indian Universities.

2. The Indian Universities directly deliver the lectures, assignments, and tests to the students.

RiseBack offers value-added courses related to their Undergraduate & Graduate degree program or as per their career objectives.

Indian Universities over the years created super successful alumni who are heads of Fortune 500 companies, Noble Laureates, Scientists, Academicians, IT Professionals, Serial Entrepreneurs & investors.

Students & professionals from across the globe can visit at RiseBack.org to know more about the degree programs.