Rising tomato prices will give relief in two weeks, know why prices are increasing

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New Delhi, 3 June 2022: The retail prices of tomatoes are running between Rs 50 to Rs 106 per kg in many cities, tomatoes were sold at RS 77 per kg in Mumbai and Kolkata, and Rs 60 per kg in Chennai on Thursday.

There is going to be relief from the rising prices of tomatoes soon. Retail prices of tomatoes should stabilize in the next two weeks in the southern states. There has been a huge increase in prices due to heavy damage to the crop due to rain. Union Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said these things on Thursday.

Tomato prices were at high in June

According to consumer affairs ministry data, retail prices of tomatoes are running between Rs 50 and Rs 106 per Kg in many cities. The same situation is in Maharashtra also. According to the data, tomato in Delhi is Rs 40 per Kg. At the same time, except Delhi, retail prices in other metros were at higher levels on June 2. Tomatoes were sold at Rs 77 per Kg in Mumbai and Kolkata on Thursday and Rs 60 per Kg in Chennai.

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Crop damaged due to rain

Pandey told reporters, “Tomato prices in Delhi are stable. Due to crop damage and local rains in southern India, the prices of tomatoes have increased. There is no problem on the production side. He said that the government has discussed the matter with the states.

He said, “It (prices) should stabilize in the next two weeks”. The secretary also mentioned that onion production and procurement is higher than last year. “We have procured 52,000 tonnes from the rabi season so far, which is much higher than last year’s 30,000 tonnes,” he said.