Royal Bengal Tigress Gives Birth to Tiger Cubs at Delhi Zoo in Conservation Milestone

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Delhi, 15th May 2023: In a momentous event at the National Zoological Park in New Delhi, a Royal Bengal Tigress named Siddhi gave birth to a litter of cubs. The proud mother delivered five cubs, with two surviving and three unfortunately stillborn. The surviving cubs, who are entirely dependent on their mother for nourishment, are thriving under her care.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the mother tigress and her cubs, the zoo authorities have installed CCTV cameras for constant surveillance. Dedicated zoo staff members are closely monitoring the family’s progress.

The National Zoological Park in New Delhi has been home to four adult Royal Bengal Tigers: Karan, Siddhi, Aditi, and Barkha. Tigress Siddhi and Aditi were acquired from Gorewada, Nagpur, and both have a wild origin.

Since its inauguration on November 1, 1959, the National Zoological Park has played a vital role in the conservation, education, and exhibition of various species, including tigers. In line with the objectives of the National Zoo Policy 1998, the zoo actively participates in coordinated and planned conservation breeding programs. In 2010, the Central Zoo Authority initiated a program focused on critically endangered species, selecting 73 wild animals for breeding initiatives across participating zoos. Delhi Zoo was chosen as a key participant in the tiger conservation breeding program.

The acquisition of the tigers at Delhi Zoo is part of the ongoing coordinated effort to maintain a genetically diverse and healthy tiger population. The zoo has a history of successful breeding and has even provided tigers for exchange with other zoos within the country and abroad.

This recent birth of tiger cubs is not only a moment of joy for the National Zoological Park but also a significant milestone in the continuous efforts to protect and conserve these critically endangered majestic creatures.