Booklet On Standard Signages At Stations Released By Ministry Of Railways

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New Delhi, 16th May 2023: To introduce a consistent and contemporary signage system throughout all railway stations in the nation, the Ministry of Railways, headed by Ashwini Vaishnaw, launched a pamphlet on Monday (May 15) titled “Standard Signages at Stations on Indian Railways”.

With approximately 7,300 stations distributed across 17 zones and 68 divisions in India, each with its distinctive style of signage, the adoption of standardized signage is essential. According to Vaishnaw, the passenger experience may be enhanced and consistency assured by putting in place a standard signage system.

The brochure places focus on making all passengers, including the elderly, women, and children, as well as Divyang (physically impaired) friendly and accessible. The standards place a high value on plain language, legible typefaces, visible colors, and simple pictograms. The notion of grouping signages has been adopted to help in navigation, and the colors, typefaces, and sizes of the signpost have all been standardized. To boost visibility, the rules also include tertiary boards that display station names on tricolor backgrounds.

The pamphlet also emphasizes how important it is to accommodate stations with distinctive architectural characteristics that can necessitate some flexibility in how the signage system is implemented. The goal, according to a representative, is to guarantee that signage is present at crucial decision-making moments and to provide natural navigation.

The brochure is a part of the “Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme,” which intends to develop and modernize railway stations all over India. The plan, which includes station renovations in 1,275 locations throughout major cities, tourist hotspots, and pilgrimage sites, aims to provide travelers with a safe, comfortable, and clean environment. While 88 stations are currently being built, 1,187 stations are going through planning and tendering processes.

According to a representative, “The booklet’s release is a significant step towards improving the passenger experience and creating a consistent identity for Indian Railways throughout the country.”