Rummy Central Proudly Presents the New Online Rummy Revolution 

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The injection of technology, as represented by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Correction (SC), Extended Auto Play (EAP) & Inteli Safe (IS) is a pioneering and exclusive effort by Rummy Central.

The world of Rummy has undergone a sea change most recently, and a change that is most definitely for the better. However, this is just the beginning, and Rummy players around the country can look forward to a couple of revolutionary developments and improvements that are sure to enhance their overall experience. Unsurprisingly, this revolution has been championed and made possible by Rummy Central.

Rummy Central powered by technology

Rummy Central has been front and centre with the revolution, staying one step ahead of the developments and improvements, while continuing to be second to none in this regard. To this end, the Rummy Central platform offers a wonderful, pleasurable, entertaining and smooth experience to anyone who wishes to take part in the joys of Rummy online. What’s more, the Rummy Central platform offers a complete range of Indian Rummy games including, Pools Rummy, Deals Rummy, Strikes Rummy, regular Rummy tournaments, as well as fantastic offers and promotions.

Rummy Central on all devices

That’s not all however, the same trustworthy, reliable and smooth Rummy Central experience that users have come to know, recognise and love on the Rummy Central website is now available to users on mobile devices as well. While, users can continue to use on their laptops and desktops in the comfort of their own homes and continue to win cash prizes, in addition, they can now also take the wonderful and complete realm of Rummy Central with them wherever they go on their mobile phones and tablets thanks to the official Rummy Central app for Android and iOS devices. Now, the fun and excitement never stops, and you can take Rummy Central with you wherever you go and continue to win cash prizes!

What’s more, the new Rummy Central app for iOS devices bears all the typical hallmarks of the renowned Rummy Central experience. Now, users on iOS devices will immediately recognise the smooth interface, the delightful ease of use, as well as the sheer thrill and excitement of playing Rummy wherever they are, thanks to the Rummy Central app for iOS.

New cutting-edge Rummy Central technology

With the impressive and immense boom of Rummy and Rummy games online, especially on the Rummy Central platform, we at the company continue to push the limits, and present users with the unrivalled technology, for a Rummy playing experience that’s truly unmatched.

One of the developments that is powering the revolution is the introduction and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Rummy Central platform. Thanks to this improvement, in case you are momentarily disconnected from the internet, the Artificial Intelligence capability of the platform is equipped to complete the game on your behalf, and to give you the exact score which you had when you had been disconnected. This Rummy Central exclusive feature ensures that players never lose out or drop out of the game owing to internet disconnection during an exciting game. Furthermore, when a player’s internet connectivity is restored, they can simply hit the ‘I am Back’ button and resume control and continue to play the game.

In addition, the Extended Auto Play, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is another boon to players on Rummy Central. Once AutoPlay is activated, and in case the player is disconnected from the internet for a period of time, this option enables the computer to step in and play for the player for up to five rounds. This AutoPlay feature is simply wonderful, as it ensures that the player doesn’t get dropped from the game and in turn all their chips and money owing to intermittent internet connectivity. That’s not all, however, thanks to new developments of Inteli Safe; players can continue a game from one device to another by simply logging into the same account on another device and continuing where they had left off on the original device. Now, for instance, if a player begins a game on the laptop at home, they can then leave the house and log onto a mobile phone to continue the game on that device.

Similarly, Rummy Central has also made the Smart Correctionfeature available to users, and not unlike AI, Smart Correction (SC) is a first in the industry! Thanks to SC, the technology actively steps in and informs players when they indeed have the right combination of sets and sequences, but are incorrectly presenting an invalid show for some reason. Smart Correction keeps an eye out for this scenario and prevents errors of this nature. This enhancement is of particular use to new users and novices.

This injection of technology, as represented by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Correction (SC), Extended Auto Play (EAP) & Inteli Safe (IS) is a pioneering and exclusive effort by Rummy Central, and is aimed at providing an experience that offers a more precise, specific, and exact gaming experience for players on the Rummy Central Website and the apps.

These four revolutionary changes, have placed Rummy Central right at the forefront of the online Rummy Revolution, a fact that Abinash Singh, Product Manager at Rummy Central underlines when he says, “At Rummy Central, we are continuously driven to provide an enhanced and delightful experience to our players. As such, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and the Smart Correction feature is merely the next step in this revolution.”