Samparc Heritage Walk: Over 6000 Citizens Participate To Promote Culture Of Maharashtra In Lonavala

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Adhyasmriti Prasad

Lonavala, 19th December 2022: Samparc heritage walk was organised between Bhaje Cave and Lohgad Fort on behalf of Samparc Balgram Sanstha to promote the rich culture and heritage of Maharashtra on 18th December (Sunday). More than 6,000 citizens participated in this walk, including citizens and schoolchildren from all over the country.


People were greeted with beautiful rangoli drawn at the entrance gate and the Dhol Tasha team at the reception. Over 40 locals from the Bhaje and Lohagad Gram panchayats were invited to this heritage walk. Many tourists and various businesses were also a part of this grand annual heritage walk on 18th December. The activity promotes awareness of Maharashtra’s forts and caves through a guided 3.6-kilometre walk interspersed with cultural programs and a meal of local cuisine.


Younger students were dancing, strolling and exhibiting the significance of well-being. Young men dressed as Bhikkus and Vasudev were putting on a traditional cultural show at the foot of the Bhaje Cave. The village’s caste-themed songs, known as Tulsi Vridanvan, were being sung by some women. The Andhra tiger dance, the Bangra dance, the Rajasthani traditional dance, and the Maharashtrian Jagran dance were all performed.


Drinking water, medical facilities, and sanitation facilities were made available to the people. Hot vada pav and steaming corn were kept to quench hunger after completing this challenging climb. A lavish meal of brinjal, bhakri and chapati, pithala, jalebi, and dal bhat was prepared for everyone at the fort’s base.

Samparc is a non-profit organisation in India that operates two schools for tribal and rural children. There, 758 poor, needy community children receive support for education, and 450 school dropouts receive assistance through vocational training and skill development regularly. More than 485 children have benefitted from Samparc’s intervention over the past 26 years. In 1997, the organisation received the Presidential Award for Best Child Welfare Activities.


Since the launch of Samparc heritage walk, there has been an expansion in the travel industry in the Bhaje and Lohgad areas. People who used to come to this area only at certain times now do so throughout the year. Locals have benefited from this tourism industry’s good employment opportunities. In light of the incredible response this year, the government will soon take into consideration the historical and ancient structures in the Bhaje Caves area, the Karla Caves, the Lohgad Fort and the Visapur Fort for inclusion on the UNESCO list for public use and development. The upliftment of the development of tourism in the surrounding villages is funded by the proceeds of this walk.

In a short interview, Lolita Banerjee, daughter of Amitkumar Banerjee (Founder and Director of Samparc Heritage Walk), encouraged youth by promoting the prestigious organisation of CSR activities that educate employees about the upkeep and preservation of heritage sites. It also promotes the location through tourism and contributes to the improvement of the local villagers’ standard of living. Additionally, she invited citizens to the future heritage walk to enjoy a fun-filled day in the company of nature with their families.