Sandip Soparrkar first Indian choreographer learning Tanoura Dance

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Under the influence of globalization, many dance genres have become international and grown roots in locations far from their birthplaces. Hip-hop, salsa, tango, capoeira, ballet and bharatanatyam exemplify this trend. Globalization has also accelerated the creation of hybrid dance forms that fuse elements from various cultures, as illustrated by Bollywood choreographers. If you thought salsa was the last stop to sizzle on the dance floor, think again. For the first time ever, Indian dancer, Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar is all set to witness one of the best global dance forms from across the world. Internationally acclaimed choreographer Sandip Soparrkar becomes the first Indian Choreographer who is learning Tanoura Dance form under the expert guidance of one of the best Tanoura masters in the World Mr. Hassan Moora.
A few days back Soparrkar on his Instagram and facebook posted a few pictures and videos of him practicing Tanoura with Mr Moora. To which renowned Tanoura Teacher Mr Moora replied, “Sandip you have been my best student, I have tried to give you all that is possible in a short span,
It was an Honour to have you in Ismaïlia and learn under me.”
Sandip Soparrkar said, “If India has ghoomar than Egypt has Tanoura. It is a divine and spiritual dance that I am embarking a new journey with. In Egypt they say a dancer does not choose Tanoura rather Tanoura chooses a dancer. I am glad to be the chosen one.
Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance derived from the whirling dance performed as a Sufi religious practice. Tanoura means skirt in English and Tanoura dance is a kind of folkloric dance which is very common in Islamic countries. The tanoura dance developed from sufi dance in Turkey and Egypt, distinguished by the use of a multicolored skirt. This has also developed into a performance dance by non-Sufis, including dancers outside the Islamic world.