Sara Ali Khan revealed that she would like to prank Varun Dhawan and Natasha on Voot Original Feet Up With The Stars 3

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Mumbai, 4 August 2021: Well, we are all curious on what actually happens behind the cameras, in a celebrity’s real life. Do they lead extravagant lives or are they exactly like us?  Voot Original Feet Up With The Stars Season 3 has made it possible for us to get a sneak peek into our favorite stars’ lives as they get up close and personal with host Malini Agarwal.

In the upcoming episode of the show, actor Sara Ali Khan is all set to put her ‘feet up’ and share some secrets and interesting anecdotes from her life as she graces the couch. The episode will stream on Friday, 6th August 2021 only on Voot.

In a candid conversation with host Malini Agarwal, Sara Ali Khan disclosed her equation with her parents and how she dealt with their divorce. Sara said, “It’s very simple. If you see there are two options. Either live in the same house where no one is happy or live separately, where everyone is happy with their own lives, and you also get a different kind of love and warmth every time you meet. I live with my mother. She’s my best friend means everything to me. I have a father too who is always available on the phone, and I can meet him whenever I want. I don’t think they were happy together ultimately, so I guess to separate was the best decision to make at the time”


She further added,” They both are happy in their own world and lives and because of that their kids are happy too. All of us are much happier than we would have been for sure. So, everything happens for a reason.”


Hiding behind her poise is also the playful side of Sara who loves to play pranks.  She said, “If I had to prank someone, I would love to prank Varun and Natasha. I would apply boot polish all over my face, enter their room and just stare at them…and maybe just scream loudly! That would be hilarious”


Pranks, heartaches, and lots more! Don’t miss the perky Sara Ali Khan chatting with host Malini Agarwal on the latest episode of Feet Up With The Stars, Season 3 only on Voot. Keeping up with the essence of ‘Alone Together’ and staying true to the Feet up vibe, the virtually shot show takes you closer into your favorite celebrities’ lives and how they spent their time during the lockdown.