Sonu Sood goes behind the tree and changes clothes, despite stardom, he does not make any tantrums

sonu sood
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New Delhi, 9th August 2021: Tales of actor Sonu Sood’s noble deeds are heard every day. He is wholeheartedly engaged in helping people during the Corona period. Because of which many people have even accepted him as their God. But in the midst of all this, Farah Khan has also shared something that will make Sonu Sood win your heart once again. Farah Khan told that despite rising to stardom, Sonu Sood does not throw any tantrums while shooting, but also agrees to change clothes by going behind the tree during the time of need.

Farah Khan praised fiercely

Talking to Free Press Journal about Sonu Sood, Farah Khan said- ‘Sonu does not behave like a star even today, for me Sonu is the same as he was before – a no fuss, no tantrums, calm nature , down to earth and a sensible person. We joke, laugh and make fun of each other even today. If we are shooting in a forest, then we do not demand a vanity van, we go behind the tree and change clothes.

These tasks are done while on the shoot

Farah also said that during the shoot, Sonu had to meet many politicians, inaugurate many shops. She says that ‘I wish there were more celebrities like Sonu… he is a very fabulous and well behaved celebrity. I recently shot an ad with MS Dhoni. Sonu is a down-to-earth person like Dhoni. Sonu Sood is a man capable of worshiping people. Politicians, governors and common people are eager to meet him. I always used to joke that while coming for the shoot, Sonu would have inaugurated many petrol pumps to car showrooms.