Schools In Pune Can Start With Full Capacity, PMC Issues Revised Guidelines

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Pune, 25th March 2022: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) issued a revised order today about the starting of the schools for regular classes at full capacity.

Earlier, PMC and Maharashtra State Government had issued an order related to reopening of school but for the limited classes and for the limited time period.

The order says that this academic year, instead of starting school in the morning session from March to the end of April, schools with classes I to IX and Class XI will be started full time.

Full-time schools will continue on Saturdays until the end of April. Also, the school will continue voluntarily on Sunday.

Examinations for students of Class I to IX and Class XI will be held in the third week of April and results will be announced in May.

100% of students are allowed to attend school every day.