Sea of Supporters Welcomes Jarange Patil’s Maratha Reservation Convoy in Pune

Pune University Chowk traffic
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Niketan Kadam

Pune, 24th January 2024: The fervor for Maratha reservation echoed through the streets of Pune as the rally, now on its fifth day, continued its determined journey towards Mumbai. Led by the passionate Manoj Jarange Patil, the Maratha community members, brimming with energy and confidence, made their way through the heart of Pune, demanding justice and a rightful place in the OBC category.

The bustling Pune University chowk, typically teeming with vehicles, transformed into a spectacle as a crowd gathered to witness the procession led by Jarange Patil. The convoy, adorned with saffron flags and banners, drew the attention of onlookers who had eagerly come out to express their support.

Originally scheduled to arrive at University Chowk by 1 pm, the convoy faced delays due to the overwhelming public support that spilled onto the roads. Reports even surfaced in the afternoon about potential route changes to navigate the unexpected traffic surge. The police administration, proactive in managing the situation, promptly updated local commuters about any alterations in traffic diversions to facilitate smooth travel.

Jarange Patil’s convoy successfully reached University Chowk by around 8:15 pm, welcomed by a sea of supporters. Prior to his arrival, a procession of jeeps, cars, and tempos, all bearing saffron flags and Patil’s banners, had set the tone as they moved steadfastly towards Mumbai. The convoy plans to make a halt at Lonavala.

Babasaheb Bhosale, a supporter from Parner taluka in Ahmednagar district, articulated the sentiment of many when he expressed that the Maratha community, under the leadership of Jarange Patil, is resolute in their pursuit of OBC category reservation. He emphasized that it is high time the government acknowledges the legitimate demands of the Marathas and ensures they are not overlooked any longer.

As the rally presses on, it symbolizes not just a protest but a collective voice demanding recognition and justice. The spirited determination of the Maratha community, united under the leadership of Jarange Patil, resonates with the belief that they will not stop until their rightful place in the OBC category is secured, sending a powerful message that cannot be ignored any longer.