Second Day of Ram Mandir Darshan in Ayodhya: Devotees Flock in Large Numbers

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Ayodhya, 24th January 2024: The city of Ramnagri is witnessing an overwhelming surge of faith on the second day of the live coverage of Ram Mandir Darshan following the consecration of Ram Lala on January 22nd. After the pran pratishtha ceremony, more than five lakh devotees visited the Ram Mandir on the first day to catch a glimpse of Lord Ram.

The unexpected turnout of Ram devotees has raised concerns for the administration, prompting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to personally visit Ayodhya to assess the situation. He conducted an aerial survey, inspected the arrangements, and provided necessary directives to officials. Security measures have been intensified outside the Hanuman Garhi temple.

Starting early in the morning today (Wednesday), a massive crowd has once again gathered for darshan at the Ram Mandir. The police presence has been strengthened outside the Hanuman Garhi temple to ensure the smooth flow of devotees.