DGCA Imposes Stringent Measures on Air India, Slaps Rs 1.10 Crore Penalty

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New Delhi, 24th January 2024: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken stern action against Air India, imposing a penalty of ₹1.10 crore. This penalty comes in the wake of allegations of security breaches in flights operated by the airline. The Civil Aviation Ministry issued the penalty, indicating that the violation of security protocols during flight operations led to the imposition of the fine.

According to a statement issued by the DGCA a few days ago, the regulator investigated after voluntarily obtaining reports from airline employees. After the enquiry, the penalty was levied on Air India for security breaches in the flights operated by the airline. The DGCA is actively pursuing actions in response to these findings.

The DGCA stated that the airline was found to be non-compliant with regulations, and after identifying this lapse, Air India has been issued a show-cause notice to explain the reasons behind the non-compliance. The security report pertains to flights operated by Air India.

In its statement, the DGCA clarified that the operation of aircraft did not adhere to the prescribed norms and standards. Consequently, a penalty of ₹1.10 crore has been imposed on Air India for this non-compliance with operational and performance limits.