Senior citizens are rediscovering their identity in their silver years, says The Positive Ageing report

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Bengaluru, October 19, 2021: Columbia Pacific Communities, India’s largest senior living community operator, had launched India’s first ever report on the golden agers, The Positive Ageing Report in August this year on the occasion of World Senior Citizens Day. The report aims to understand the changing aspirations, needs, and views of ageing of senior citizens in the 21st century compared to the young generation.


As per the report, over 25% of respondents over 60 identify themselves with their own ambitions and interests compared to 22% of millennials, 18% of Gen-X and 23% of people aged between 46 and 60. Interestingly, women outnumber men in believing that their passions and interests reflect their identity, with 30% of women agreeing to the same, compared to 23% of men. Only 19% of women identify themselves with their careers compared to 31% of men who believe their careers shape their individuality.


“Our idea of ‘Positive Ageing’ is not prescriptive, we are not defining or imposing our idea of ageing. The report corroborated that conventional concepts and stereotypes about age in India are fast giving way to new ideas like ‘Positive Ageing’ where the elderly population are keen to add more life to their years and take charge of their physical and mental health. It also reveals that Indian seniors are as independent, focussed, enterprising and aspirational as any other age-group”, says Mohit Nirula, CEO, Columbia Pacific Communities.