Sensex Crosses 60 Thousand Mark For The First Time

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Mumbai, 24th September 2021: Indian stock market is at its peak. The Sensex has crossed the record level of 60 thousand. The Sensex has achieved a strength of 10 thousand points within about 9 months. Earlier in the month of January, the Sensex had crossed the 50 thousand mark.


The BSE Sensex, based on 30 shares, closed at an all-time high of 59,885.36 points with a gain of 958.03 points, or 1.63 percent, due to all-round buying. At one point during trading, it had gained 1,029.92 points to reach the level of 59,957.25. On Thursday, the market capitalization of BSE listed companies reached an all-time record high of Rs 261.73 lakh crore. Investors have made a profit of Rs 3 lakh 16 thousand crore on this day.


There are many reasons for the continuous growth in the Indian stock market in the last few months. In the last few months, the inflow of foreign capital into the Indian market has exceeded expectations. Apart from this, the economy of the country is getting the benefit of vaccination and fewer cases of corona and the economy are getting back on track.


The main reason for the rise in the stock market is the decisions of the US Fed. America’s central bank, the US Fed, has not cut interest rates, but has given indications of it in the coming days. This has given a boost to the US stock market. India is also getting the benefit of this.


US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank plans to announce a reduction in the monthly bond purchase program in November. These decisions of the US Fed are indicating that the world’s largest economy is now recovering from the Corona crisis and is avoiding any further risk.