Services stamp authority; Satnam grabs ‘special win’ upsets Olympian Arvind

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Pune, 24 febuary 2023: Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) ruled the waters at the Army Rowing Node, CME, but it was 22-year-old Navy-man Satnam Singh who prevented them from sweeping stakes in the of 40th Senior Rowing Championships 2023, on Friday.

Services at the end of the day bagged all-but-one of the eight titles up for grabs in the men’s section, which included the Para Men’s Single Sculls which was decided on Thursday.

The face-off between the Army Sports Control Board (ASCB) and Services turned out to be a Services day out in the five events that both lined-up for. As a result, the Coxed Eights, Quadruple Sculls, Coxless Fours, Double Sculls, LightWeight Double Sculls events saw a Service-Army end at the finish line.

The day also had a huge result in the Men’s Single Sculls event when 2018 Youth Olympian Satnam Singh (7 minutes 11.9 seconds) topped his run in the 200o-meter run. The win was huge as it was his maiden National title in the event he picked up just a month and a half back, but above all it was getting the better of the fancied and experienced Tokyo Olympian Arvind Singh (7:13.8s) and Karamjit (Army; 7:15.4s).

Victory for Satnam also meant pushing the smooth-running Services contingent into a second placed finish for the first-time in the day.

In the women’s section, Mrunmayee Salgaokar bagged the Women’s Single Sculls event and earned the lone success for Maharashtra. With a winning effort of 8:24.4s, the Nashik-based lass pulled ahead of defending champion Kushpreet Kaur (Madhya Pradesh; 8:29.7s) and Uttar Pradesh’s Kiran Devi (8:53.9s).

For Mrunmayee, the gold meant bettering her bronze medal finish she managed at Pune during the last Senior Nationals. Moreover, the win was huge as she relegated both Kushpreet and Kiran who finished ahead of her.

The women’s section, unlike the men’s, was competitive with Orissa winning three events, Manipur pocketed two, while Maharashtra and Kerala had one each each.

Orissa eves had wins in the Coxed Eights, Coxless Pairs, LightWeight Double Sculls events respectively, while Manipur had the Quadruple Sculls, Double Sculls events in their bag. Kerala bagged the Coxless Fours title.

Action now shifts to the 24th Open Sprint National which begins on Saturday.

RESULTS (all Finals)

Men: Coxed Eights (M8+): 1-Services (Babu Lal Yadav, Naresh Kalwaniya, Neetish Kumar, Charanjeet Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Bheem Singh, Punit Kumar, Ashish, Mukul Kumar Rao; 5:42.6s); 2-Army (Akshat, Jasmail Singh, Vipul Ghurde, Vikash Kumar, Ashish Goliyan, Iqbal Singh, Neeraj, Yogesh Kumar, Dhananjay Pande; 5:50.4s); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Manmohan, Manveer, Vijaypal, Rohit Sendhav, Rahul, Ankush, Soyal, Bhanu Pratap, Chotu Nath; 6:02.0s)

Quadruple Sculls (M4X): 1-Services (Balraj Panwar, Parminder Singh, Shagandeep Singh, Arjun Lal Jat; 5:57.7s); 2-Army (Arwinder Singh, Salman Khan, Jakar Khan, Sukhmeet Singh; 6:02.1s); 3-Delhi (Sunil Attri Manish, Sukhbir, Manjeet Kumar; 6:17.7s)

Single Sculls (M1X): 1-Individual (Satnam Singh; 7:11.9s); 2-Services (Arvind Singh; 7:13.8s); 3-Army (Karamjit; 7:15.4s)

Open Double Sculls (MCV2X): 1-Uttrakhand (Sinder, Haurav Kumar; 6:53.19s); 2-Madhya Pradesh (Nitesh Bhardwaj, Prabhakar Rajawat; 6:56.03s); 3-Orissa (Karanbir Singh Bhinder, Shobit Pandey; 7:03.62s)

Coxless Fours (M4-): 1-Services (Jaswinder Singh, Bheem Singh, Punit Kumar, Ashish; 6:11.71s); 2-Army (Akshat, Vikash Kumar, Neeraj, Iqbal Singh; 6:24.50s); 3-Jharkhand (Lakhveeer Singh, Jaspreet Singh, sJarpal Singh, Parvinder Singh; 6:28.06s)

Double Sculls (M2X): 1-Services (Shagandeep Singh, Parminder Singh; 6:37.34s); 2-Army (Sukhmeet Singh, Jakar Khan; 6:44.49s); 3-Delhi (Sunil Attri, Manjeet Kumar; 7:000.26s)

Coxless Pairs (M2-): 1-Services (Ankit Ksanya, Lekh Ram; 6:56.69s); 2-Punjab (Jasveer Singh, Gurmeet Singh; 7:02.58s)

LightWeight Double Sculls (LM2X): 1-Services (Arjun Lal Jat, Ajay Tyagi; 6:41.74s); 2-Army (Ashish Phugat, Arwinder Singh 6:44.11s); 3-Punjab (Jaspreet Singh, Sukjinder Singh; 6:57.59s)

Coxless Fours (MCV4-): 1-Chandigarh (Sukhdeep Singh, Gulshan Kumar, Sahil Mudgil, Aditya Singh; 6:36.46s); 2-Manipur (Gopal Thakur, Rohit Sendhav, Soyal, Yogesh Thakur; 6:37.31s); 3-Orissa (Sumit Swain, Kapeesh, Kishan Pandey, Rajat Kumar; 6:40.85s)


Coxed Eights (W8+): 1-Orissa (Ashmita K, Sonalika Das, Sonali Swain, Ritu Kaudi, Richael Lakra, Reshma Lakra, Deepika Zess, Jharna Hasti, Cox – Subhashree Biswal; 6:50.8s); 2-Kerala (Archa A, Adhithya A, Vijinamol B, Arundathi VJ, Aswathi PB, Aleena Anto, Rose Mariya Joshi, Varsha KB, Cox – Alin Mariya Jacob; 6:51.1s); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Sona Keer, Savita Sangi, Neelam Dangi, Ganga Lavariya, Anjali Shivhare, Diljot Kaur, Jyoti Kushwaha, Rukmani, Cox – Chotu Nath; 6:58.1s)

Quadruple Sculls (W4X): 1-Manipur (Changamayum Priya Devi, Hesnam Bimola Chanu, Thangjam Priya Devi, Haobijam Tendenthoi Devi; 7:17.9s); 2-Kerala (Amaka Prasad, Aswani Kumaran, Devapriya, Anupama TK; 7:20.0); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Vidhya Aankath, Gurbani Kaur, Monika Bhadoria, Poonam; 7:20.2s)

Single Sculls (W1X): 1-Maharashtra (Mrunmayee Salgaokar; 8:24.4s); 2-Madhya Pradesh (Kushpreet Kaur; 8:29.7s); 3-Uttar Pradesh (Kiran Devi; 8:53.9s)

Coxless Pairs (W2-): 1-Orissa (Sonali Swain, Ritu Kaudi; 8:08.3s); 2-Manpur (Jyoti Kushwah, Rukmani; 8:14.4s); 3-Kerala (Archa A, Varsha KB; 8:21.2s)

Double Sculls (W2X): 1-Manipur (Thangjam Priya Devi, Haobijam Tendenthoi Devi; 7.49.3s); 2-Kerala (Aswani KUmaran, Devapriya; 8:10.3s); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Gurbani Kaur, Monika Bhadoria; 8:21.2s)

Coxless Fours (W4-): 1-Kerala (Rose Mariya Joshi, Aleena Anto, Awasthi PB, Meenakshi VS; 7:38.7s); 2-Orissa (Richael Lakra, Sonalika Das, Deepika Xess, Jharna Hasti; 7:43.3s); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Sona Keer, Savita Dange, Anjali Shivhare, Diljot Kaur; 7:44.1s)

LightWeight Double Sculls (LW2X): 1-Orissa (Ansika Bharti; Reshma Minz; 8:00.42s); 2-Haryana (Savita, Kiran; 8:06.41s); 3-Madhya Pradesh (Vindhya Sankath, Poonam; 8:15.31s)